Our Values

The makerspace has seven core values that we strive to uphold. These values are the foundation of our community and are what we use to guide our decisions. All stewards and members of management are expected to uphold these values. These values are as follows:


Students run and manage the space, making sure that we stay attuned to the needs of students.


Students should feel welcome to experiment and try new things, with help and guidance from stewards.

Welcoming Environment

Students can work on their projects at any time, in a non-judgmental space.


We strive to create a space with low barriers of entry that is open to all, regardless of ability or background.


We are a collaborative space where students, professors, and clubs from all of the 7Cs can come together and create.


We value exploring how the different facets of creativity are fostered through the use of our equipment and supplies.

Constant Evolution

Our policies and values should grow and change with our community.