Equipment and Resources


The makerspace has a plethora of machines available to its users. Some machines are available 24/7 in the main area, while more expensive or dangerous equipment must be checked out during steward hours. Additionally, some machines require that one pass a safety quiz before being able to use them.

Here is a list of the main machines we have available:

  • A variety of 3D printers, including FDM printers, resin printers, carbon fiber printers, and a nylon powder printer
  • Laser cutters
  • A water jet cutter
  • Sewing machines
  • A leather sewing machine
  • A Cricut cutter
  • An embroidery machine
  • Both a digital loom and an analog loom
  • Welders
  • Soldering irons
  • Electronics benches
  • Professional-level cameras and camera equipment
  • A variety of high-quality microphones
  • A large-format printer
  • A printing press
  • Button makers

The makerspace also has a composite room, where users can safely work with materials that exhume toxic fumes, and a spray paint booth where users can spray paint whatever they wish.

Visit Equipment and Manuals for more details.

Tools and Materials

Makerspace users also have access to a variety of tools from heat guns to crochet hooks to leatherworking tools. Additionally, the majority of materials available at the makerspace are free. The only times a makerspace user will have to pay for materials are if they wish to use one of our specialty 3D printers or if they want to use the large-format printer.

Visit Inventory for a full list of our tools and materials.

Safety Quizzes

Some machines and rooms require that one complete a safety quiz before accessing them. Links to the quizzes are found in the manuals. Over the summer, please reach out to with any questions.

Passing the General Safety Quiz with a 100% score is required for all makerspace users. Additional quizzes are required with a 100% score for some specialty areas and machines as listed below:

Equipment Manuals

All makerspace users are required to pass the General Safety Quiz with a 100% score. Some of our machines and equipment only require that one passes the General Safety Quiz to be able to access them. These include the following:


In addition to equipment manuals, stewards are able to help users operate the equipment in the makerspace. Throughout the school year, stewards host workshops that teach users how to use equipment and create new things. Additionally, stewards can help users during steward hours if a user has any questions.

Visit Schedule to see when a steward who has training with a specific machine is available.