Makerspace Resources and Equipment


Student stewards develop makerspace policies and procedures and help train makers to use tools and machinery safely. They are an integral part of the welcoming culture and day-to-day operation of the space!

The hours that stewards are on duty are:

Mon-Thurs: 1–10 p.m.

Fri-Sat: 1–7 p.m.

Sun: 1–9 p.m.

Project Storage

The makerspace has a dedicated room for student project storage, where students can check out a storage space so they don’t need to bring their materials back and forth from their dorm rooms.

Machines, Tools, and Materials

There is a plethora of different tools and materials available at the akerspace. Many tools are available 24/7 in the main area, while more expensive or dangerous tools must be checked out from a steward during open hours. Some of the machines available include laser cutters, 3D printers, sewing machines, welders, soldering irons, and audio and video equipment!

Training and Safety

Makers have access to safety documentation and training manuals for everything from weaving to welding, sewing to soldering, painting to printing and anything in between. Completion of safety quizzes are required for using some machines or getting access to some rooms.

For more details on the schedule, inventory, and equipment, visit Make.