About the Hixon Center

Our mission is to provide interdisciplinary education, research, and programming that equips engineers, scientists, and mathematicians with the knowledge and skills to tackle complex environmental issues. 

The Hixon Center is developing a leading undergraduate climate program that is solutions-focused, technically broad, and aligned with the mission of Harvey Mudd College. Faculty affiliated with the Center are building a program that enables HMC students to make meaningful contributions in the fields of climate and the environment so that future generations will inherit a more livable planet. This program will include curriculum and professional opportunities that address scientific and societal challenges presented by climate change, from battery storage to environmental justice. We will graduate students who are prepared as leaders in this space through a combination of disciplinary breadth and technical depth.

Our new climate curriculum focuses on four fundamental pillars of climate science: climate dynamics, climate impacts, climate solutions, and climate contexts. HMC students will develop deep knowledge of the climate system along with practical skills in state-of-the-art data science and modeling techniques and an understanding of the impacts of climate change on society. The curriculum builds upon the foundation of Mudd’s Core Curriculum by fostering critical thinking skills across disciplinary boundaries, promoting effective communication and collaboration, and challenging our students to reflect on how STEM interacts with our environment. Our approach seeks to produce graduates who can make informed, justice-oriented decisions about climate change solutions and mitigation efforts. 

Harvey Mudd College is a place for problem-solvers. Students will develop their skills and knowledge by participating in faculty-led scholarship, capstone experiences including senior thesis and our team-based Clinic Program, and student-initiated projects, such as those sponsored by the Shanahan Fund.