Hixon Center Resources and Opportunities

The Hixon Center seeks to provide students with opportunities to engage in environmental issues, both on and off campus, as well as in academia and industry. Please feel free to use, share, and refer back to this page at any time!

On Campus Opportunities

Rasmussen Summer Research Fund

The Rasmussen Fund supports student and faculty research in the area of environmental sustainability. The Fund is dedicated to supporting science-based inquiry into a broad range of environmental issues in the form of either faculty or student research proposals. Projects are funded through the summer, and recipients will present their findings upon return to campus in the fall.

Faculty-led Research

Hixon faculty, like all faculty, offer undergraduate research experiences in both the summer and during the academic year. Students apply through the HMC-wide URO website. To see Hixon faculty research areas, please visit the Faculty-led Research page.

Ben Huppe Fund

The Ben Huppe ’14 Memorial Internship for a Sustainable World was established by Maggie Lewis and Bob Huppe in honor and memory of their son, Ben, to honor his passion for science and technology and the role it plays in improving the environment and/or bringing technical solutions to underserved populations both domestically and internationally. The internship should involve direct, hands-on work in areas such as renewable energy, green technologies, environmental sustainability and/or the use of technology to solve problems of under-served populations. For more information, please visit the Office of Community Engagement Ben Huppe ‘14 Memorial Internship for a Sustainable World.

Co-curricular Activities

Sustainability Club seeks to institutionalize sustainability and implement sustainable solutions in Harvey Mudd, across the 5Cs, and in Claremont by fostering multidisciplinary relationships, raising awareness, and promoting discussion. To do this, the club organizes technical projects, conducts community awareness and advocacy efforts, and encourages ways for Mudders to engage in careers in sustainability after graduating.To learn more about Sustainability/ESW and or to join as a member or volunteer please email the leadership team at sustainability-l@g.hmc.edu.

Off Campus REU Opportunities

There are many opportunities for students to do research over summer outside of HMC. Here are a few available opportunities we recommend:

Learn more here.

Careers in Climate, Environment, and Sustainability

There are a variety of job boards with up-to-date listings of internship, part-time, and full-time job opportunities. Here are a few reputable job boards that we recommend:

Visit our job sites page to see a more comprehensive list of job sites and environmental job boards.

Resources for Coping with Climate, Anxiety and Grief

Increasing awareness of the magnitude of global climate change can induce feelings of sadness, grief, and anxiety. Students and colleagues frequently ask Hixon faculty for guidance and advice in this area. Here are some of the resources we use to create mental and emotional space for processing these feelings.


I WANT A BETTER CATASTROPHE: Navigating the Climate Crisis with Grief, Hope and Gallows Humor (An existential manual for tragic optimists, can-do pessimists, and compassionate doomers.), Andrew Boyd

Saving Us, Katharine Hayhoe

ALL WE CAN SAVE: Truth, courage, and solutions for the climate crisis, co-edited by Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Katharine Wilkinson


HOW TO SAVE A PLANET: A Spotify Original Podcast, Hosted by Alex Blumberg and co-created by Alex Blumberg and Ayana Elizabeth Johnson

THE COOLEST SHOW, Hosted by Rev. Yearwoord, founder of the Hip Hop Caucus

Other Resources

Caroline Hickman: climate psychology

Climate Psychology Alliance

Britt Wray: Generation Dread

If you have questions and/or are interested in learning more about how to pursue academic and professional opportunities in environmental sustainability, email hixoncenter@hmc.edu – we are happy to assist you!