Vacated Space

With the opening of the R. Michael Shanahan Center for Teaching and Learning, many areas in the academic complex became vacant as their functions moved to the new building. Ongoing vacated space projects help the College prepare for growth by using existing facilities for new purposes and in more efficient ways. By renovating, updating and re-purposing some of our existing facilities, we are working hard to fulfill the Board of Trustees’ requirement that adequate resources are put in place prior to enrollment growth. Work on these projects will be accomplished in various phases outlined below.

Phase 1 (Completed Summer 2013)

Phase one of the vacated space project began in the Olin Science Building and the basement of Beckman, with the construction of new laboratory space for biology, including a Core laboratory that will be shared by biology and chemistry. The Olin work included:

  • Creation of three new laboratories, including a Core Lab, a Social-Insect Lab and a BioSafety Level 2 Lab;
  • Relocation of the Intro to Biology Lab to a smaller space;
  • Expansion of the biology department’s footprint to include offices and two new laboratories on the ground floor in the south half of the building;
  • Consolidation of the computer science and mathematics server rooms into a single, more efficient server room available to all academic departments.

Phase 2 (Completed Summer 2014)

Clinic Space

View of the new Clinic Program space planned for the ground floor of Parsons.

Phase two of the vacated space project took place in the summer of 2014. The renovations provided a ground-floor presence for engineering and humanities, social sciences, and the arts, as well as new Clinic spaces and labs. Additionally, network closets were consolidated to improve network efficiency and wireless access was vastly improved throughout the building.

Phase 3 (Beginning May 2016)

The Libra deck has been replaced and new waterproofing installed. The Galileo lecture halls continue to be closed and renovated so they may be returned to service as lecture halls. Learn more about the project logistics and construction zones.

Future Phases

Future renovation phases will include the Jacobs-Keck complex, which will be coordinated with planning for a new academic building to be located south of the existing Olin building.

Campaign Support

Funding for space renovation is a key fundraising priority as part of The Campaign for Harvey Mudd College.

Questions and Comments

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  • Senior Director for Facilities, Emergency Preparedness and Safety Theresa Lauer,
  • Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty Lisa Sullivan,