New Residence Halls

Residence Hall 1

Photo: Dorm
Artist’s rendering of the new dorm to be constructed east of Sontag Hall.

The board of trustees approved funding for the design of a new residence hall to be constructed east of Sontag Hall with an ambitious goal of opening in time for fall semester 2015 (depending on various factors, the opening may be extended to January 2016). Funding for residence hall planning and construction will come from the debt approved by the board in September 2013 as well as from anticipated gifts for the building.

During initial planning, students expressed strong support for preserving some of Linde Field in the master plan while balancing the need for housing and parking. Beginning in July 2014, temporarily the construction company will need to use all of Linde Field as staging (storing construction equipment and materials during construction) for the new residence hall as well as for construction of the storm water detention vault on the south side of the field.

Construction on the new residence hall is underway. After construction of the new residence hall, it is planned to restore some of Linde Field for student use, with the rest used to accommodate surface-level parking required by the city. The designers will continue to seek feedback from the community as the design phase progresses.

Residence Hall 2

Current plans call for the construction of a second residence hall in 2023.

Campaign Support

Funding for the first new dormitory is a key fundraising priority as part of The Campaign for Harvey Mudd College. The College anticipates funding new residence halls through a combination of 75 percent debt and 25 percent gifts.

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