OID Learning Outcomes

The Office of Institutional Diversity’s programming framework is guided by the Harvey Mudd mission and strategic plan, as well as by best practices in student affairs and social justice education.  We are invested in a mindset of assessment and evaluation, seeking to continuously improve our programming to meet the evolving needs of the Harvey Mudd community.  We aim to cultivate Awareness, Allyship, and Action through our programming, mentoring, and advising work.

Our Key Overarching Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes

  1. Will have the opportunity to define their identity in relation to cultural and social differences, while also understanding the impact of power and privilege on self and society.
  2. Be able to engage with cross-cultural and multicultural programming that will develop their cross-cultural/multicultural awareness to foundational levels.
  3. Empower students to integrate social justice into their work in and outside of the classroom to make positive impacts on society, locally and globally.