OID-Supported Student Organizations


(Exploring Pan-Asian Identity and Culture) is a club at Harvey Mudd College dedicated to spreading awareness about Pan-Asian challenges.

EPAIC Contact

Manu Kondapi, mkondapi@g.hmc.edu
EPAIC Facebook Page


(Black Lives at Mudd) is a community and celebration for those of African descent and a space for education and ally building.

BLAM Contact

Ramonda Giddings, rgiddings@g.hmc.edu
BLAM Facebook Page


(Society of Professional Latinos in STEMS) empowers Latinos at Harvey Mudd College and promotes the formation of a strong community.

SPLS Contact


Arthur Reyes, areyes@hmc.edu
Omar Velazquez, ovelazquez@g.hmc.edu
Viviana Bermudez: vbermudezreyes@g.hmc.edu
SPLS Facebook Page


(Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in STEM) is a society of scientists dedicated to advancing Hispanics/Chicanos and Native Americans in science, and is the nation’s leading organization working against gender inequity and underrepresentation across the sciences.

SACNAS Contact


Karla Guerra, kguerra@hmc.edu
Andrew Marino, amarino@hmc.edu


(People Respecting Individuals’ Sexualities at Mudd) is Harvey Mudd College’s queer-straight alliance. PRISM meetings provide a comfortable gathering place for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender non-conforming, queer, questioning and straight students, faculty and staff to meet and discuss the LGBT experience here.

PRISM Contact


Cesar Orellana, corellana@g.hmc.edu


Jennifer Havens, jhavens@g.hmc.edu


(Asian Pacific Islander Sponsor Program at Mudd) is a peer mentoring program for incoming freshman at Harvey Mudd College. API-SPAM seeks to provide a solid and diverse foundation of social, political, and emotional support for first-year and transfer students, especially those who identify as API.

API-SPAM Contact

Kim Tran, ktran@g.hmc.edu
Shaan Gareeb, sgareeb@g.hmc.edu
Lam Huynh, lhuynh@g.hmc.edu
API-SPAM Facebook Page