Educational Programming

The Office of Institutional Diversity (OID) offers multiple educational series, designed for the entire campus community to engage with critical topics and key issues and to build content knowledge.

All workshops take place from 12:15–1:15 p.m. in the Hoch-Shanahan Dining Commons Aviation Room or the Platt Green Room, unless otherwise indicated. Visit the Events page for detailed information.

All are welcome!

Identity Intersections: Faculty Leading Holistic Lives

Get to know Harvey Mudd faculty in unique ways! Hear about their journeys, what matters and how they integrate identity, purpose and passion into their work.

Chew on This!: A Lunchtime Learning Series

Engage with hot topics, learn something new and build your intercultural competence!

Social Justice in STEM

Explore tough questions and difficult choices, from history and today, as you develop your ethical framework. GMOs? Drones? Racist algorithms? It’s all fair game in this series!

Through Another Lens

Explore multiple angles of local and global issues, tricky problems, and cutting edge solutions!

Voices: Real Life, Real Perspectives

OID presents a series of panel discussions and more, featuring the voices and counter-stories of students and other campus community members. This series serves as the nexus of research and lived experiences.

Building Bridges

An 8-week commitment, Building Bridges: Pathways to Action is a hands-on seminar program dedicated to enhancing participants’ cultural competence and communication. Program participants will: Gain a complex understanding of their identity as a stepping stone to authentic relationships, amplify their tolerance for ambiguity to set the cornerstones for their future, and master the tools to transform their desire for change into action.

Project Decode

A year-round OID program for first-generation and/or low-income students at HMC.  Students and other HMC community members can participate in workshops, a mentoring program, community-building events, study lounges, and more.

Project 196+

A year-round OID program for Mudders who identify as international, third culture, or global nomads!  Key workshops on everything from taxes and employment to understanding US politics, community-building, mentoring, and  more!

What attendees are saying about OID’s educational programming:

“The idea that stuck with me the most, particularly given I’m in the privileged majority across most social dimensions, is that of ‘coming out as an ally.’ The idea that silence is not advocacy has always rung true, but I was challenged by the idea that being an ally means being proactive in my various communities.”

“Seeing a single idea or topic from all perspectives and getting involved in the idea in multiple ways is amazing and really cool, and I want to do that.”

“Listening and not labeling. I thought I was pretty sensitive, but didn’t realize how I think in binary terms without even knowing it.”

“How science and society are very much intertwined and that you need both in order to truly understand why you are living your life the way you are.”