Past Clinic Projects, Computer Science Page 17

Project Department Year
Software Development Tools for ARM-Based Wireless Devices Computer Science QUALCOMM Incorporated 2001–02
Automatic Generation of Distributed Service Adapters Computer Science Teradyne Inc. 2001–02
VisiFault Computer Science Teradyne Inc. 2001–02
Reimplementation of Scientific Applications in a Massively Distributed Framework Computer Science United Devices 2001–02
A Distributed Medical Monitoring System for Real-Time Patient Diagnosis Computer Science/Engineering Center of Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology 2001–02
Implementing the IETF IDWG Intrusion Alert Protocol Computer Science The Aerospace Corporation 2000–01
Anywhere Interactive DIRECTV Guide Computer Science DIRECTV Inc. 2000–01
Prototyping the Spacecraft Onboard Interface Computer Science Jet Propulsion Laboratory 2000–01
Extension and Implementation of Tree-Based Statistical Algorithms Computer Science Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole 2000–01
Prototype Applications of New Browser Technologies Computer Science Microsoft Corporation 2000–01
Exploring Techniques for Dynamic Categorization of Web Content Computer Science N2H2 Inc. 2000–01
Extending a Bulk Call Testing Tool Computer Science Nuera Communications Inc. 2000–01
Community Information and Communications Kiosks Computer Science Pomona Valley Center for Community Development 2000–01
A Hand-Held Client for Media Asset Management Computer Science QB Inc. 2000–01
A Distributed Semiconductor Test System Interface Computer Science Teradyne Inc. 2000–01
Redesigning Yahoo! Calendar Computer Science Yahoo! Inc. 2000–01
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