High Throughput Laser Diode Burn-in Systems

Kaiam Corporation Global, 2016-17

Liaison(s): Dr. Bardia Pezeshki ’87, Christopher Stonier, Jacinto Dominguez, Dr. Dinh Ton, Dr. Mike Jubber, Jay Kubicky, Derek Keir
Advisor(s): Matthew Spencer
Students(s): Jeewan Naik (TL-S), Emily Schooley (TL-F), Tommy Berrueta, Evan Kahn, Yashas Hegde (S), Hamza Khan (F)

Kaiam Corp. is an industry leader in the field of optical communications for data centers, and rising demand has stretched its manufacturing capability. One manufacturing bottleneck is the diode burn-in process, which tests the micron scale laser diodes at high power and temperature. The Kaiam clinic project is to design a new burn-in system using micromechanical chips to make contact with the diodes and test them more quickly.