Low-Cost, Monitoring of Remote Rainwater Catchment Tanks

RainCatcher, Inc. Global, 2015-16

Liaison(s): Dave Zielski
Advisor(s): Brian Bryce
Students(s): Cherlyn Chan (F), Cassandra Burgess (S), Senghor Joseph (S), Jozi McKiernan Nithya Menon (TL-F), Michael Lertvilai, Heather Seaman (TL-S)

The 2015-2016 Harvey Mudd Global Clinic team is sponsored by RainCatcher, a non-profit organization working to combat the global issue of clean water access. RainCatcher has installed rainwater catchment systems in regions of Kenya, Uganda, and the Navajo Nation. The HMC Clinic team is designing and building a device which will communicate details about each tank to RainCatcher. This device will allow RainCatcher to collect quantitative data on their impact and improve the reliability of their systems.