Configurable Microphone Harness Array

Amazon Lab126 Engineering, 2016-17

Liaison(s): Ken Hild
Advisor(s): TJ Tsai
Students(s): Paul Slaats (TL-S), Samantha Hoang (TL-F), Rosh Lam, Eyassu Shimelis (S), Gabe Rubin (F), Jonathan Kupfer (F)

Amazon Lab126 is a subsidiary of focused on development of consumer electronic products. The Amazon Lab126 Clinic team will design a configurable microphone-speaker system. It must fit into arbitrary product enclosures while supporting 16 location-adjustable microphones and computer interfacing for automated testing. The system will support stereo, mono, and 5.1-surround sound speaker outputs. This project will expedite the testing process for future prototypes in the Amazon Echo family of products with varying microphone and speaker configurations.