Registrar Mark Ashley Awarded Mudd Prize

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Mark Ashley, registrar and assistant vice president for student information management at Harvey Mudd College, is the recipient of the 2021 Henry T. Mudd Prize, an award that recognizes extraordinary service. The honor was announced at the College’s Convocation ceremony, held virtually Aug. 31.

Awardees receive $6,000, $3,000 of which is designated for use within the College at the discretion of the recipient.

Upon receiving the award, Ashley said, “I am humbled and grateful. Thank you so much to those who’ve nominated me, it’s really an honor. I’d like to express my appreciation first to the three deans of faculty I’ve worked with, including the late Bob Cave—who so many of us knew and miss—Jeff Groves and Lisa Sullivan. Thanks so much to all of you for supporting me and the registrar’s office over the last almost 10 years. Much like our students are encouraged to be collaborative and to work in teams, no one can get anything accomplished at HMC alone, so I want to thank my colleagues on the staff and faculty for your partnership, collaboration and support, especially my colleagues in the registrar’s office. It’s such a joy to work with you each and every day. I really admire your daily dedication to the work of the College and to the betterment of the experience for our students, faculty, staff and alumni. A lot of the work of the registrar’s office actually takes place behind the scenes, which makes this recognition all the more meaningful. I really see this award as not just mine—it’s ours.”

Ashley joined the Harvey Mudd staff in 2011. As registrar and assistant vice president for student information management for the College, he oversees the Office of the Registrar, which maintains the integrity, accuracy and confidentiality of College academic records.

Following is the text of the citation awarded to Ashley by President Maria Klawe:

For his selfless commitment to the educational initiatives and priorities of Harvey Mudd College over the past nine years;

For his unsparing gifts of time, energy, knowledge and leadership, providing incredible service during an extremely difficult pandemic, while remaining focused and supportive;

For his relentless work and tireless efforts for Harvey Mudd College, playing a central role in shaping the College’s approach to education and promoting his vision of an administrative excellence that parallels the College’s teaching and research excellence;

For his collegial service bridging curricular and co-curricular activities, supporting students in their academic excellence with mentorship, compassion and care;

For his instrumental service on many of HMC’s and the Claremont Colleges’ committees, including Scholarly Standing, The Core Implementation Committee, the Curriculum Committee, the data team, the data governance and standards team, Workday and student information system, advocating for students and engaging in difficult issues, ever moving HMC forward;

For his global knowledge of academic matters, his diplomatic but persistent support of change where needed, his lightning-fast responses to large or small faculty inquiries and his agile management of an outstanding staff;

For his delicate touch and unwavering respect for our students and faculty, and the integrity of an HMC degree;

For his tremendous impact on the College and its people and for his being an exceptional colleague, friend and indispensable pillar of our community.

Mark Ashley, registrar and assistant vice president for student information management, is hereby designated the 2021 recipient of the Henry T. Mudd Prize.

The Henry T. Mudd Prize is awarded each year, typically at the College’s Commencement ceremony, to a member of the Harvey Mudd community whose service to the College and its mission is deemed exemplary. Henry T. Mudd (1913–1990), the son of Harvey S. Mudd, was instrumental in the creation and early development of the College named for his father. Henry Mudd served as a founding trustee and chair of the board for 23 years.