Harvey Mudd College Leadership Awards

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Harvey Mudd recognized outstanding examples of leadership at its sixth annual Leadership Awards ceremony, which celebrates students, faculty and staff for their contributions on campus and beyond.

A selection committee of students, staff and faculty reviewed nominations from the campus community and made selections for the following awards:

Outstanding Faculty Member Awarded to a faculty member who has gone above and beyond their job role to serve as a mentor for students and/or student organizations and embody Mudd values such as collaboration and care for the campus community.

Nancy Lape, associate professor of engineering

One nomination read, “Nancy is a tireless advocate for students among the faculty; a pedagogical innovator, committed to the principles of equity and inclusion both in the classroom and in our community at large; a clear leader among the faculty who consistently shows up and works hard when there are difficulties to face or problems to solve; and an effective bridge-builder between individuals and groups on campus when conversations are hard but necessary. She looks to the best in people and imagines the best for our community.”

Outstanding Staff Member Recognizes a member or members of the staff for their positive contributions to the campus, their leadership and willingness to make a difference in the lives of students.

Joyce Greene, administrative assistant, Department of Computer Science

“When I think of the word outstanding,” wrote one nominator, “I think of something or someone that stands out from the ordinary. This adjective applies to Joyce well. Joyce is very thoughtful and caring. She checks in with students and ensures that they are doing well. When everyone else is too busy, she is always happy to greet you with a smile and help with your request, all the while asking you about your life and making you feel like she genuinely cares (because she does!). I believe that such selfless support and the positivity that she brings deserves recognition.”

Patricia Wang, student accounts manager, Office of Student Accounts

A nomination for Patricia reads, “Patricia is very caring and understanding in what can be a very difficult student interface/parent interface position. She consistently expresses a great balance of compassion and task when helping students and families understand their financial obligations to their student accounts.”

Dean Sundberg Prize Established by Dana Seaton ’06, and with support from Warren Kazenstein ’04 and Nate Yoder ’06, the Dean Chris Sundberg Prize ($500) recognizes a rising junior who demonstrates exceptional leadership and a positive impact on the College community.

Meena Venkatraman ’20

One of Meena’s nominations read, “The Dean Sundberg Prize is to be awarded to one who, in addition to embodying Mudd’s values and displaying extraordinary leadership, ‘contributes to creating enhanced college experiences for other students on campus.’ Meena is, among other roles, a Muchacho member, ASHMC sustainability director, and mentor. All three positions impact the college experience of others, one through recreational stress relief, another by educating the student body (directly or indirectly) on environmental matters, and the final as a mediator, confidante, counselor, and friendly face rolled into one. Furthermore, she’s well-involved in each of these areas, so her influence on the lives of others throughout the college has not only depth but also breadth.”

Outstanding Student Organization Given to a recognized student organization that makes a positive impact in the campus or wider community and demonstrates integrity, leadership and teamwork.

Prison Education Project

“What PEPSHMC has been able to accomplish in such a short period of time is a strong testimony to its extraordinary and committed student leadership,” writes one nominator. “Coordinating a program with so many components and a program that needs to accommodate different constituents’ needs requires student leaders who value and have a passion for social justice and community engagement, leaders who find alternative solutions, and leaders who can communicate and connect different community members to come together to discuss a specific topic/concern. PEPSHMC student leaders and volunteers have demonstrated this level of leadership and as a result a co-curricular program in prison education is part of the Mudd experience for those students who wish to engage in this community engagement opportunity.”

Outstanding Emerging Leader Recognizes a first-year student or sophomore who exhibits great potential as a campus and/or community leader.

Callie Glanton ’20

“Callie is not just an emerging leader, but she is someone who is actively demonstrating leadership skills and qualities in her official leadership roles as well as her everyday personal life,” one nomination reads. “Callie is quick to help and has a calming, supportive demeanor with her peers. In her short time at Mudd, Callie has demonstrated her potential as a leader while remaining committed to her friendships, academics, and her care of the community.”

Julia Wang ’20

“As a dorm mentor, she inspires other Mudders,” writes a nominator. “This led to her being elected class president. She serves the community by working as a Homework Hotline tutor. Leadership, community impact and a well-rounded student are all strong Mudd values.”

Outstanding Mudder Award recognizes students who contribute to the community and demonstrate creativity, leadership, teamwork, ethics, inclusion, community engagement, wellness and communication in both curricular and co-curricular endeavors.

Ronak Bhatia ’19

A nomination states, “Ronak has done a fantastic job as diversity director to make this campus a more inclusive and welcoming space. The textbook library in particular is brilliant and is a great help to many students. Being able to work on projects like this and execute them efficiently and professionally is the hallmark of a leader. Ronak cares about making this campus a more welcoming, less difficult place.”

Anthony Romm ’18

“Anthony is a really friendly, energetic student who loves learning,” writes a nominator. “I really admire that despite his workload, Anthony still finds time to hang out with friends, have a great time, go on adventures and be back in time to tend to his responsibilities. He works really well independently, tackles challenges head-on, but does so with a smile on his face, infecting everyone around him with his enthusiasm. At the same time, he is a great team player: His charismatic, sunny, quirky personality is one of the many reasons why he is so easy and enjoyable to work with and why he is well-liked and admired by the faculty as well as his peers.”

Kareesa Kron ’18

A nomination for Kareesa reads, “Mudd is a community that recognizes leadership, embodies rigorous academic work, focuses on collaborative learning and praises interdisciplinary connections. Kareesa not only capitalizes on these traits through her rigorous research and integrated curriculum, but also actively improves student wellness, frequently advocates for increased community engagement and leads initiatives for it and serves as a reliable pillar of the community by consistently educating students both in the classroom and outside it.”

Dorman Student Altruism Prize Established by the Dorman Family foundation, the $250 award recognizes a graduating senior student who is selected by their peers as the one who has done the most for their fellow students.

Shailee Samar ’18

A nomination for Shailee reads, “She is always outgoing and focused on engaging the community in a positive manner. As a student she is excellent, motivated and upholds the standards of the honor code. She has been extremely active with the community and has fostered lots of positive change for the community.”