Harvey Mudd Enhances Campus Safety With LiveSafe

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To further its commitment to provide a safe campus for students, faculty and staff, Harvey Mudd College has partnered with LiveSafe, a mobile technology service, to launch a mobile application that enables fast two-way communication with campus safety officials and friends. Individuals can share information about anything from suspicious activity, mental health concerns or sexual assault and violence through text, photo or video directly from their smart phones —anonymously, if they choose. Safety officials can monitor real-time information from a Command Dashboard and respond quickly to help prevent incidents before they occur. The Claremont Colleges will all participate in the LiveSafe system, increasing security on the consortium’s five adjacent undergraduate campuses.

The LiveSafe app allows Harvey Mudd students, faculty and staff to:

  • Anonymously share information with safety officials (text or call). Officials will respond immediately and send help.
  • Access counseling services and other campus resources.
  • Request a campus escort to get to their destination safely.
  • Use SafeWalk™ with friends to see them get to their destination via a map.

With the LiveSafe app, Harvey Mudd seeks to improve communication between students, faculty, staff and campus security, allow for faster emergency response in distress situations and enhance the overall safety of the campus by preventing crimes before they occur.