Vosburg Pens Guide to Science-Faith Documentary

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David Vosburg

David Vosburg

Associate Professor of Chemistry David Vosburg has published an online study guide for a documentary that seeks to reopen the dialogue between science and faith.

Vosburg’s guide presents a six-week study for group discussion of the film, “From the Dust: Conversations in Creation,” which explores mankind’s origin in light of theology, biological evolution, and humanity’s search for its place in the universe.

“These issues are not just important to people of faith. The National Academies of Science and the American Association for the Advancement of Science are also very interested in reconciling science and faith,” said Vosburg. “When people of faith reject our best understanding of the natural world, our potential for innovation in science and engineering is greatly impaired. When well-meaning scientists unnecessarily add philosophical or metaphysical assumptions to scientific findings, much of the general public is alienated. We can do better than that, and it starts with having open and honest conversation. I hope this film catalyzes that kind of dialogue. In my opinion, ‘From the Dust,’ is one of the best documentaries on science and faith and I am honored to have been involved with it.”

Vosburg served on panels at the film’s May premiere and its screening at a science-faith conference in July. He also hosted a screening and discussion at a recent faculty conference, and led a student group through the film and the guide this summer at Harvey Mudd College.