Harvey Mudd College News

Update from the Presidential Search Committee: First-Round Interviews Scheduled

HMC Community: The Presidential Search Committee (PSC) has been meeting over summer to discuss the pool of active candidates under consideration for the position. On August 3rd the PSC met once again to review each candidate’s submitted materials and hear an update from SpencerStuart on each candidate’s strengths and what each would bring to the position. […]

Physicists Explore New Methods of Searching for Dark Matter

Brian Shuve, physics professor, Harvey Mudd College

Experimental searches in Harvey Mudd College physics professor Brian Shuve’s field of dark matter and particle physics could be compared to searching for a needle in a haystack—if the needle is invisible. A leader in the field of dark matter physics, Shuve has been proposing new ideas to look for viable theories of dark matter […]

Harvey Mudd Biologists Adapt DNA Localization Technique for Parasite Study

Danae Schulz in her lab

Researchers in biology professor Danae Schulz’s lab at Harvey Mudd College study how African trypanosomes adapt to living in different hosts: humans, hoofed animals and tsetse flies. In the American Society for Microbiology journal mShpere, the Schulz lab is the first to report using CUT&RUN (cleavage under targets and release using nuclease), a chromatin profiling […]

An Astrophysicist’s First Look at JWST Images

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope reveals emerging stellar nurseries and individual stars in the Carina Nebula that were previously obscured

The first images from NASA’s newest space telescope, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), presented the world with images of the cosmos never seen before, including the deepest and sharpest infrared image of the distant universe ever produced. “This is such an exciting moment for astronomy,” says Harvey Mudd College astrophysics professor Daniel Tamayo. “It’s […]

Harvey Mudd Team No. 4 in Citadel Terminal Global Championship

students in lab

A team of Harvey Mudd College students placed fourth in Citadel’s TERMINAL global championship, winning a $5,000 prize and beating teams of experienced players and PhDs from top universities around the world. Students from Harvey Mudd placed first and third in the TERMINAL West Coast regional event in November, and they were invited to the summer […]

Research Enhances Engineering Teaching and Learning

Matt Spencer

Competency-based learning is a teaching practice that focuses on testing students on each skill they learn, allowing them as many attempts as needed to master the material, before they advance in the course. The practice has been implemented at Harvey Mudd College. For instance, mathematics professor Darryl Yong was an early proponent and is a local […]

Harvey Mudd Joins Code.org Effort to Prioritize Computer Science in K-12 Schools

Harvey Mudd campus

Harvey Mudd College joined national nonprofit organization Code.org and over 500 of the nation’s top industry, nonprofit and education leaders to issue a letter calling on state governments and education leaders to “update the K-12 curriculum in each state, for every student in every school to have the opportunity to learn computer science.” The coalition […]

Harvey Mudd Mourns Loss of Professor Emeritus Hank Krieger

Hank Krieger

The Harvey Mudd College community mourns the loss of mathematics Professor Emeritus Hank Krieger, who passed away on June 29. During his 37 years at Harvey Mudd College, Krieger held many leadership roles on campus, including chair of the Department of Mathematics and chair of the faculty. Within the math department, he was known for his kind, supportive and […]

Harvey Mudd Upward Bound Grant Renewed Through 2027

Upward Bound students

Now that the Harvey Mudd College Upward Bound program has been funded for the next five years, program Director Angie Covarrubias Aguilar is excited for what is ahead. For more than 50 years, HMC’s Upward Bound program has helped first-generation, low-income high school students develop skills for college success. Funded by the Department of Education, […]

NSF Supports Machine Learning in Music Information Retrieval

TJ Tsai

The field of music information retrieval sits at the intersection of music, signal processing and machine learning. “We use interesting problems in music as a playground to develop mastery of tools and techniques in signal processing and machine learning,” says Harvey Mudd College engineering professor TJ Tsai, who received a $500,270 CAREER award from the […]