HMC Expert: Julie Medero

Computer Science, Literacy Education, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing

Julie Medero, PhD, researches natural language processing, machine learning and educational applications of language technology. Her research integrates ideas from computer science, linguistics, and electrical engineering to develop new applications of natural language processing to the area of literacy education. In particular, she is interested in how we can use signal processing and machine learning to understand which words and sentences are difficult for readers. She uses linguistic features to learn how to automatically reduce the difficulty of a text using machine learning techniques.

Medero is also exploring ways that we can apply computing to encourage more school-aged children to walk and bike to school.

Before pursuing her PhD, Medero worked for 4 years as a research programmer at the Linguistic Data Consortium at the University of Pennsylvania. She earned her doctorate in electrical engineering from the University of Washington, Seattle.

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Judy Augsburger

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