HMC Expert: Erika W. Dyson

Activism and Religion, American Religious History, Church and State, History, Humanities, Occult Religions, Pedagogy, Religion, Religion and science

Erika W. Dyson, PhD, Willard W. Keith Jr. Fellow in the Humanities and Associate Professor of Religious Studies, specializes in American religious history, with an emphasis on science and religion. Dyson examines topics such as the interfaces between occult religions and technologies; intersections between social-change activism and religion; and American religious history. She teaches courses on American religious culture; activism, social justice and religion; the history of science and religion in the U. S. from the nineteenth century to the present; world and transnational religions; as well as a unique class called “Ghosts and the Machines” that explores the interrelations between occult mediumship, modern media, and technology.

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