Experts in Subject: Engineering

Engineering, Mechanical vibrations, Structural dynamics

Philip Cha

Philip Cha, PhD, professor of engineering and C.F. Braun & Company Fellow, conducts research in ways to minimize and suppresses vibration by imposing nodes at selected locations; frequency analysis of combined dynamical systems consisting to linear structures carrying lumped attachments. Cha teaches courses in the dynamics of elastic systems, advanced structural dynamics, and systems engineering. Prior […]

Autonomous mobile robots, control theory, Engineering, Mapping and localization, Motion planning, Multi-robot systems, Robotics, Underwater robotics

Chris Clark with AUV

Chris Clark, PhD, focuses his teaching and research on autonomous systems, including underwater robots and other field robotic systems. Clark runs the Lab for Autonomous and Intelligent Robotics (LAIR), which researches multi-robot applications including motion planning, localization, mapping, integration of social systems and control. Clark’s research projects include AUV shark tracking off of Catalina Island, […]

Civil engineering, Earthquake engineering, Engineering

Zee Durón.

Ziyad Durón, PhD, Jude and Eileen Laspa Professor of Engineering, is an expert in the full-scale field testing of large structures, including seismic investigations and earthquake engineering. Durón has headed more than 20 field tests on a variety of structures, including concrete dams, buildings, bridges and launch vehicles. He is a leader in the development of […]

Bioengineering, Engineering, Nanocomposite membranes, Transdermal transport

Nancy Lape.

Nancy Lape, PhD, focuses her research on two areas: energy-efficient composite gas separation membranes and chemical transport across human skin. Nanocomposite Gas Separation Membranes To efficiently and effectively separate gas mixtures–such as applying a filter system to trap harmful gasses from factory emissions–membranes must exhibit high gas permeability (fast transport) and high selectivity for one […]

Artificial cornea, Biomedical engineering, Chitosan, Engineering, Tissue engineering

Liz Orwin '95.

Elizabeth Orwin, PhD, James Howard Kindelberger Professor of Engineering and department chair, specializes in biomedical engineering. Orwin has worked for Gel-Del Technologies in St. Paul, Minn., on the research and development of a novel protein matrix for wound healing applications. She chairs the Engineering Department and also directs the Engman Fellowship Program in Bioengineering, which […]

Business case analysis, Capital investment evaluation, Cost and schedule estimation, Engineering, Engineering economics, Leadership and decision-making styles, Project/Program Management, Technical and project management

Don Remer.

Donald Remer, PhD, P.E., Oliver C. Field Professor of Engineering Economics, is a recognized expert and sought-after seminar and short-course leader for executives, managers, engineers and scientists in cost and schedule estimation, capital investment evaluation, economic and technical feasibility analyses, business case analysis, engineering and project or program management, and managerial decision-making styles for leaders […]

Aerosols, Engineering, Materials processing, Optical diagnostics, Process control, Radiant heat transfer

Eric Spjut.

Erik Spjut, PhD, professor of engineering and Union Oil Company Engineering Design Fellow, has extensive experience in radiative heat transfer, high-temperature heterogeneous kinetics, containerless processing of materials and non-contact temperature measurement. Spjut also researches process control and optimization, automatic test equipment, computerized data acquisition and processing, and digital audio processing and synthesis. He has published […]

Engineering, Fiber optics, Optical communications, Optical packet switching networks

Qimin Yang.

Qimin Yang, PhD, specializes in fiber optic communications, including high-capacity optical networks and network architecture designs. Yang has done extensive research in interconnection and switching networks for high-performance computing with a focus on routing logic designs, physical implementation and quality of service in switching networks. She teaches courses in fiber optics, electronic and magnetic circuits […]