Experts in Subject: Biology

Biology, Climate Change, Ecology, Environment, Evolutionary Biology, Reptiles

Stephen Adolph.

Stephen Adolph, PhD, Stuart Mudd Professor of Biology and department chair, specializes in the study of lizards, especially Sceloporus lizards (small insectivorous lizards common in southwestern North America). His research goals are to understand how the thermal environment influences the physiology and behavior of both individual lizards and lizard populations, and how animals respond to environmental change. His […]

Biology, Computational Biology, Molecular Evolution

Eliot Bush

Eliot Bush, PhD, uses computational methods to study evolution, covering a range of topics from sequence analysis to modeling. A current focus is in the area of microbial genome evolution. Bush and his students have developed a computational approach to reconstructing the history of genomic island insertions in clades of closely related microbes (xenoGI). They […]

Biology, Chemistry, Community Based Learning, DNA, Gene Therapy, HIV-AIDS

Karl Haushalter

Karl Haushalter, PhD, researches DNA repair processes. Double strand breaks or chemically modified bases in DNA arise from exposure to ionizing radiation, environmental toxins, or mistakes during DNA replication. DNA repair enzymes scan the genome and fix DNA damage to maintain genomic integrity.  Studying the details of DNA repair provides an entry point into understanding the […]

Aging, Biology, Cellular Biology, Longevity, Molecular Biology

Jae Hur.

Jae Hur, PhD, specializes in molecular and cellular biology with an emphasis on aging and longevity determination. Hur’s lab researches cellular and molecular mechanisms that influence the aging process to elucidate the fundamental genetic and physiological pathways that govern organismal lifespan. Specifically, Hur focuses on using powerful genetic, molecular biological, and biochemical tools available for […]

Biology, Coral, Marine biology

Catherine McFadden.

Catherine McFadden, PhD, is working with a national team of research scientists to investigate the origins of the phylum Cnidaria—one of the two most primitive groups on earth—which includes jellyfish, hydra, sea anemones and corals, McFadden’s specialty. Her particular area of expertise is octocoral phylogeny, and she has been using molecular data to try and […]

Biology, Molecular Biology, Molecular Immunology, Parasites, Sleeping Sickness

Danae Schulz

Danae Schulz, PhD, studies the African trypanosome, a protozoan parasite that causes sleeping sickness in humans and nagana in cattle. Trypanosomes are transmitted to the bloodstream of a mammal through the bite of a tsetse fly, eventually leading to coma and death. She would like to understand what allows trypanosomes to reprogram themselves to adapt […]

Bacteria, Biology, E. coli, Molecular Genetics

Daniel Stoebel.

Daniel Stoebel, PhD, specializes in molecular genetics and is particularly interested in how molecular biology intersects with evolutionary biology. Stoebel researches the function and evolution of bacterial regulatory networks, specifically the E. coli global transcriptional regulator RpoS. Stoebel’s lab is currently documenting naturally occurring variation in RpoS levels, measuring the effect of variation on the […]