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Harvey Mudd Chemistry Professor Participating in Nationwide Atmospheric Measurement Network

Lelia Hawkins

Researchers at a site in Joshua Tree National Park will measure airborne particulate matter as part of a $12 million, multi-state project. Harvey Mudd College Associate Professor of Chemistry Lelia Hawkins and her student researchers will be responsible for the new instrumental additions at this site, one of 12 such locations nationwide. Part of the […]

NSF Supports Physics Research in Quantum Gravity

Vatche Sahakian

Recent research in string theory has spawned a new idea that gravity—which is tightly linked to our perception of space and time—might be an illusion, an approximate framework that is not fundamental. “Instead,” says Harvey Mudd College Professor of Physics Vatche Sahakian, “the way information intertwines in quantum mechanics might underly what we end up […]

Math Professor Mohamed Omar Awarded Inaugural AMS Claytor-Gilmer Fellowship

Mohamed Omar

Mohamed Omar, an associate professor of mathematics and the Joseph B. Platt Chair in Effective Teaching at Harvey Mudd College, has been awarded the inaugural AMS Claytor-Gilmer Fellowship. The yearlong fellowship was established to further excellence in mathematics research and to help generate wider and sustained participation by Black mathematicians. Omar has an excellent track […]

Hive Staff Seek to Inspire

The Hive event

Creative thinkers will find inspiration at The Claremont Colleges. Not only can they now enjoy the new makerspace at Harvey Mudd College in the Scott A. McGregor Computer Science Center, they have the Rick and Susan Sontag Center for Collaborative Creativity (the Hive/ Pomona College campus), where their creative development is fostered through exploration, collaboration […]

Office of Naval Research Clinic Project Combines Physics and Engineering

Jason Gallicchio

Physics professor Jason Gallicchio is the director of a new Clinic project sponsored by the Office of Naval Research. The project, “Survey, geolocation, and precision transmission with airborne software defined radio,” is part engineering, part astrophysics and part experimental physics, and the end goal is a better understanding of dark matter and the formation of […]

Researchers Study Therapeutic Strategies for “Natural Killer Cells”

Lisette de Pillis, Norman F. Sprague Jr. Professor of Life Sciences and Professor of Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College

White blood cells known as “natural killer cells”—named for their ability to attack disease without requiring activation by the immune system—could play a vital role in battling cancer, according to new research by Lisette de Pillis, Norman F. Sprague Professor of Life Sciences at Harvey Mudd College. The so-called NK cells might be effective in […]

Statistician Talithia Williams Receives 2022 JPBM Communications Award

Talithia Williams

The 2022 Joint Policy Board for Mathematics (JPBM) Communications Award is presented to Talithia Williams for bringing mathematics and statistics into the homes and hands of millions through her work as a TV host, renowned speaker and author. Response of Talithia Williams “I recall the day my student, Elly, asked me if I’d consider giving […]

Schulz Joins Multidisciplinary Effort to Detect and Counteract Emerging Pathogens

Danae Schulz

This fall, Harvey Mudd College biology professor Danae Schulz will join a multidisciplinary group of early-career researchers to address the global threat to human health from animal-borne infectious diseases. The Mitigating Zoonotic Threats conference—sponsored by the Research Corporation for Science Advancement and the U.S. Department of Agriculture—is the first meeting of a new, three-year initiative […]

Krauss Promoted to Full Professor

Gordon Krauss

Promotions and tenure appointments for Harvey Mudd College faculty are a highlight of the May board of trustees meeting. In addition to promotions previously announced, the board unanimously approved Gordon Krauss to be promoted to full professor. Krauss, the Fletcher Jones Professor of Engineering Design, studies design research—with a focus on team feedback, peer evaluation […]