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Schulz Joins Multidisciplinary Effort to Detect and Counteract Emerging Pathogens

Danae Schulz

This fall, Harvey Mudd College biology professor Danae Schulz will join a multidisciplinary group of early-career researchers to address the global threat to human health from animal-borne infectious diseases. The Mitigating Zoonotic Threats conference—sponsored by the Research Corporation for Science Advancement and the U.S. Department of Agriculture—is the first meeting of a new, three-year initiative […]

Krauss Promoted to Full Professor

Gordon Krauss

Promotions and tenure appointments for Harvey Mudd College faculty are a highlight of the May board of trustees meeting. In addition to promotions previously announced, the board unanimously approved Gordon Krauss to be promoted to full professor. Krauss, the Fletcher Jones Professor of Engineering Design, studies design research—with a focus on team feedback, peer evaluation […]

Physics paper named ‘Editors Suggestion’ in Physical Review B

Nicholas Breznay

Harvey Mudd College Professor of Physics Nicholas Breznay ’02 and student researcher Isaac Zinda ’20 have co-authored a paper “Magnon-spinon dichotomy in the Kitaev hyperhoneycomb β−Li₂IrO₃”, which has been named an “Editor’s Suggestion” in Physical Review B. “In short, we used cutting-edge x-ray techniques to find evidence for never-observed ‘particles’ called magnons and spinons in […]

Lindo Promotes Math Excellence as NAM Board Member

Haydee Lindo

Haydee Lindo, assistant professor of mathematics at Harvey Mudd College, sees her teaching as a vehicle for mentorship and science communication. Having recently been appointed to the National Association of Mathematicians (NAM) board as editor in chief and chair of the Publications and Publicity Committee, Lindo is in position to influence a wider audience of mathematicians. […]

Harvey Mudd Trustees Approve Spring 2021 Faculty Promotions

Harvey Mudd College Shanahan building

Promotions and tenure appointments for Harvey Mudd College faculty were approved by the board of trustees at its May meeting. Upon discussion and the recommendation of the Academic Affairs Committee, the board unanimously approved the following appointments. Dagan Karp, a mathematics faculty member since 2008, received promotion to full professor. His research focus is algebraic […]

2021 Harvey Mudd College Leadership Awards

HMC seal

Harvey Mudd recognized outstanding examples of leadership at its ninth annual Leadership Awards. Community members gathered via Zoom webinar for this year’s ceremony celebrating students, faculty and staff for their contributions on campus and beyond. A selection committee of students, staff and faculty reviewed nominations from the campus community and made selections for the following […]

Biologists Explore How Human Networks Can Be Made Ant-like

Image showing red wood ant nests (the mounds) with lines drawn in to represent pathways between the nests and to trees, where these ants harvest food from colonies of aphids living in the trees.

Ant behavior has been a source of inspiration since at least the time of Aesop, and 2,500 years later, it appears these insects still have a certain kind of wisdom to impart—perhaps to engineers building subways. “Each individual ant doesn’t know much about the world beyond her own antennae,” says Harvey Mudd College biology professor […]

Danae Schulz Receives NSF Early Career Grant

Danae Schulz

Danae Schulz, an assistant professor of biology at Harvey Mudd College, has been awarded a Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) grant from the National Science Foundation for her research “Characterizing molecular mechanisms that drive life cycle transitions in the African trypanosome.” The nearly $630,000 award covering a five-year period enables Schulz to pursue research questions […]

Harvey Mudd CS Students Publish and Present Work

Harvey Mudd College sign

The Harvey Mudd College Department of Computer Science celebrates students’ paper acceptances and presentations at peer-reviewed archival conferences this spring. Each Harvey Mudd CS faculty member has an active research program that involves undergraduates. A substantial portion of this research is funded by the National Science Foundation. The department has several active NSF grants, and […]

Interdisciplinary Class Explores Genetics and Race

hamilton and stoebel

Harvey Mudd College professors Vivien Hamilton (history of science) and Dan Stoebel (biology) observed a desire among their students to talk about ways that current scientific work intersects with society. These conversations would usually occur at the end of a class, when the technical or historical focus of the lesson was over, and the remaining […]