Harvey Mudd Class of 2022

Harvey Mudd College welcomes 234 exceptional students to the incoming class of 2022 this fall.

The College continues its efforts to build a more diverse community, recognizing that such a community strengthens the education and experience for all students. The diversity of the Class of 2022 is a reflection of this ongoing commitment.

The entering class is 31 percent Asian, 21 percent Latinx, 28 percent white, 3 percent African-American, 1 percent American Indian or Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander and 9 percent multiracial. Women comprise 52 percent, one of the highest gender ratios of any science- and engineering-focused institution.

The incoming class also represents a diversity of talent, including musicians (a tuba player, opera singer and bagpiper), a magician, a motivational speaker and the founder of a computer learning center in the Philippines.