Seniors, Alumni Garner NSF Fellowships

Two Harvey Mudd College seniors are recipients of National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships, which recognize outstanding students pursuing advanced degrees in science and engineering. Seven recent Harvey Mudd graduates also received the prestigious fellowships.

Three seniors and three alumni received honorable mentions.

The fellowship supports graduate students pursuing research-based master’s and doctoral degrees at accredited U.S. institutions. Recipients are awarded three years of research support, including an annual $34,000 stipend and $12,000 cost-of-education allowance. Fellows also have access to collaborative research opportunities abroad through the Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide initiative and professional career development with federal internships provided through the Graduate Research Internship Program. This year, the NSF awarded 2,000 GRFP fellowships from 13,000 applicants.

Jonas Kaufman '17, NSF GRFP Colin Okasaki '17, NSF GRFPThe undergraduate fellows are undertaking a range of post-graduation endeavors. Physics major Jonas Kaufman (studying materials research/materials theory) will pursue a PhD at UC Santa Barbara, where he will conduct computational materials science research. Colin Okasaki (mathematical sciences/mathematical biology) will attend the University of Washington to get a master’s/PhD in quantitative ecology and resource management. “I hope to use mathematical and statistical modeling to study topics such as invasive or endangered species management and sustainable use of our ecological resources,” Okasaki says.

The following Harvey Mudd alumni also received NSF fellowships:

Harvey Mudd College Recipients of the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship for 2013
Alumni Research Area Graduate School
Coline Devin ‘15 Robotics and Computer Vision University of California-Berkeley
Kaitlyn Dwelle ‘15 Chemical Theory, Models and Computational Methods MIT
Helen Fitzmaurice ‘10 Atmospheric Chemistry UC Berkeley
Eun Bin Go ‘15 Chemistry of Life Processes Joan and Sanford I. Weill Medical College of Cornell University
Jennifer Rogers ‘16 Bioinformatics and other Informatics University of Washington
Vivian Steyert ‘15 Mechanical Engineering Princeton University
Shannon Wetzler ‘16 Chemical Measurement and Imaging University of Michigan Ann Arbor

For meritorious applicants who do not receive fellowship awards, the NSF awards honorable mention, considered a significant academic achievement. Seniors Nathaniel Leslie (physics and astronomy/theoretical physics), Calvin Leung (physics and astronomy/atomic, molecular and optical physics) and Micah Pedrick (mathematical sciences/applied mathematics) each received an honorable mention, as did the following alumni:

Harvey Mudd College Alumni Honorable Mentions for NSF Awards 2013
Alumni Research Area Graduate School
Cody Crosby ’15 Biomedical Engineering University of Texas at Austin
Sherman Lam ’16 Mechanical Engineering Carnegie-Mellon University
Dylan Stow ’13 Computer Engineering University of California-Santa Barbara

The NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program helps ensure the vitality and diversity of the nation’s base of science and engineering candidates. Fellows are seen as crucial to maintaining and advancing the nation’s technological infrastructure and national security as well as contributing to the economic well being of society at large.

Program participants are expected to become experts who contribute significantly to research, education and innovation in the STEM fields. Former NSF Fellows include numerous individuals who have made transformative breakthroughs in science and engineering, become leaders in their chosen careers and been honored as Nobel laureates.