HMC Math Professor’s Adventure Teaching High School Math Featured in AMS Notices

Darryl Yong

Darryl Yong

Darryl Yong, associate professor of mathematics, shares his experience teaching high school math in the November issue of the American Mathematical Society publication Notices.

For his sabbatical, Yong spent the 2009-2010 academic year teaching—Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry and a mathematics intervention class—at a Los Angeles public high school.

He chronicled his journey in a blog and later presented on the subject at Park City Mathematics Institute.

In the Notices article, “Adventures in Teaching: A Professor Goes to High School to Learn about Teaching Math,” Yong discusses his experience and the four lessons he drew from it.

“This is not the story of a professor coming down from his ivory tower and becoming outraged by the horrors of how children are taught in schools,” writes Yong. “This article conveys one person’s perceptions of the struggles that novice teachers face in one school and discusses what the general public rarely hears about public education.”