ASHMC Chartered Clubs

3-C Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

The Purpose of the 3CIV to establish and advance at Harvey Mudd, Scripps, and Claremont McKenna Colleges a witnessing community of students and faculty who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord: growing in love for God, God’s Word, God’s people of every ethnicity and culture and God’s purposes in the world.

Club President – Sarah Gilkinson (

Adventure Club

The purpose of the Adventure Club is to organize enthusiastic individuals into a cohesive mass of excellence to engage in a wide variety of productive, recreational, and ridiculous activities of grand import. We serve to bring together awesome people and epic activities. Let’s burst the Mudd Bubble.

Club Presidents – Emily Beese ( and David Tenorio (

Archery Club

The Archery Club provides students the opportunity to explore the sport of archery. The Archery Club offers experienced archers access to a range and equipment so they can improve their technique, as well as opening archery to newcomers by giving free instruction and lessons.

Club Presidents – Kevin Heath ( and Kelly Robertson (

Asian Pacific Islander Sponsor Program at Mudd (API-SPAM)

The Asian Pacific Islander Sponsor Program At Mudd (API­SPAM) seeks to provide a solid and diverse foundation of social, political, and emotional support for API first­year and transfer students to Harvey Mudd College. The sponsor program will help ease the transition into HMC, maintain high student retention, and promote future leadership within the Harvey Mudd community. The program will also encourage awareness of relevant API issues, present opportunities, and foster interaction within the entire student body of HMC and also the other five Claremont Colleges. API­SPAM desires to provide an environment for the increased recognition of API­issues, as well as develop an empowering voice for API students.

Club Presidents – Joshua Lam ( and Daniel Lee (

Astronomy Club

The Astronomy Club seeks to encourage and enhance the love of astronomy amongst the Mudd community.

Club President – Jeff Milling (


Bacon is one of the greatest inventions of mankind and its smoky and salty taste and texture has captivated mankind for ages. There are even those who claim to be vegetarians, but the delicousness of bacon is their only vice of flesh. Our club hopes to promote the preparation and consumption of bacon and bacon like products such as guanciale, prosciutto, or pancetta. While most people might only know of supermarket bacon, there is a vast quantity of other smoked or cured pork products which are delicious as well as artisan bacon which has unique charms lost on the mass produced product.

Club President – Eddie Gonzales (


The Barnstormers Club serves the community interested in aviation and aerospace by organizing aviation-related events and trips, collecting and disseminating accurate and timely information regarding aerospace and careers in aerospace, and providing channels for members to communicate with other students and alumni who are interested in aviation. The Barnstormers club maintains a special relationship with HMC alumni who graduated from the Bates Aeronautics program or who are active participants in the aerospace community.

Club Presidents – Mike Chaffee (, Coco Coyle ( and Zane Bodenbender (

BBQ Club

A club for those who wish to learn more about the art of southern barbecue cooking. Every other week we decide on a recipe and then execute it using our very own smoker, often mixing in family traditions from several club members. Time commitment is low, but reward is high. Usually newcomers with no barbecue experience are already contributing new ideas by their 3rd meeting, helping in our ongoing effort to improve our recipes and produce the best smoked meats we can. Consider stopping by or emailing the club president since you will likely never again have the opportunity to get free lessons on how to produce delicious barbecued meats.

Club President – Gus Callaway (

Black Lives and Allies at Mudd (BLAM)

Black Lives and Allies at Mudd (BLAM) seeks to create a community of support for Mudd’s Black students and promote Black culture and awareness on campus.

Club Presidents– Ramonda Giddings (, Justis Allen ( and Kofi Sekyi-Appiah (

Bridge Club

The Bridge club is intended to allow members, and members of the community to play bridge once a week, and interact socially with the others who are playing.

Club President


A club for people interested in automobiles and automobile engineering, CarSHMC will have events like factory visits and go-karting. We will also attempt to design and build our own small single seat vehicle to get a better understanding how cars work.

Club President – Aman Fatehpuria (


The purpose of CheeseSHMC is to provide cheese for cheese aficionados and those new to cheese alike. To this end, we purchase cheese to provide new and interesting cheeses for members to sample, giving them a chance to learn about a variety of cheese originating from all over the world.

Club Presidents – Andrew Marino ( and Kimberly Joly (

Chess Club

The purpose of the Chess Club is to attract and strengthen the appreciation and understanding of chess in the Mudd community.

Club President

Claremont Tennis Club

The club offers tennis enthusiasts more opportunities to participate in the sport, both recreationally and competitively. The club provides organized practice sessions and offers informal tennis instruction. Additionally, as a United States Tennis Association (USTA) “Tennis on Campus” club, the club is eligible to participate in local tournaments held by the USTA.

Club President

Claremont Cricket Club

Excited to learn and play a sport more than a BILLION people follow? This is your chance to join and find out more about cricket! We want to get the community together and teach new things. What better way to explore the diversity at Mudd than through the Claremont Cricket Club?

Club Presidents – Sachit Sood ( and Anjaneya Malpani (

Vice President – Siddarth Srinivasan (

Secretary – Emily Swindle (

Combat Robots Club

The goal of the Combat Robot Club is to educate anyone interested (members or not) about practical design and fabrication with an ultimate goal of designing and building combat robots for a miniature HMC combat robot competition.

Club Presidents – Alex Goldstein ( and Jane Wu (


The Harvey Mudd Crossword Club (CrosswordSHMC) provides a way for students to get together, solve crosswords and have fun.

Club Presidents – Emma Klein ( and Lakshay Akula (

Delta H

Delta H aims to make the outdoors accessible to all HMC students. The purpose of the club is to get people off campus and out into nature. It also provides valuable resources for students who don’t own their own gear but who still want to explore the natural world around them.

Club President


The purpose of this organization is to provide a fun environment for those wishing to learn improvisational comedy to gain instruction on the basics, as well as for those with prior experience in improvisational comedy to practice techniques.

Club Presidents – Alex Rich ( and Shannon Wetzler (

Engineers for a Sustainable World/Mudders Organizing for Sustainable Solutions (ESW/MOSS)

ESW/MOSS’s mission is to engage HMC students in improving environmental, social, and economic sustainability by: fostering multidisciplinary relationships across the HMC campus, the Claremont community, and the Consortium to increase awareness; researching HMC current practices (i.e. water, electricity, recycling) and recommending sustainable solutions at HMC through coordinated student, faculty, and staff actions; providing a forum for environmental sustainability discussions; partnering technical and educational resources to design sustainable technological solutions. We work closely with Facilities and Maintenance to implement more sustainable practices on campus and we are working to connect sustainability resources across all 5Cs.

Club Presidents – Lillian Liang ( and Jason Casar (

Secretary/Treasurer – Anjenaya Malpani (

5C Liaisons – Thendral Govindaraj (, Dan McCabe ( and Olivia Schneble (

Webmaster/Publicist – Erica Martelly ( and Vai Viswanathan (

Exploring Pan-Asian Identity and Culture Club (EPAIC)

The purpose of the Exploring Pan-Asian Identity and Culture Club (EPAIC Club -pronounced “epic”) is to spread awareness and promote understanding of issues within the Pan-Asian community. The club provides a safe space for all members of the HMC community to discuss and learn about issues at the intersection of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, public policy, education, and more.

Club Presidents – Sarah Trisorus ( and Isabell Lee (

Fab Studio

The Fab Studio provides resources (including but not limited to space, tutorials, advice, materials and funding) to students who are interested in pursuing their own projects. Projects can range in nature to include electrical, mechanical, engineering, computational, art and software designs.

Club Presidents – Sherman Lam ( and Sam DeRose (

For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) Mentors

As described by the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) organization, the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) is a competition where: “Under strict rules, limited resources, and time limits, teams of 25 [high school] students or more are challenged to raise funds, design a team “brand,” hone teamwork skills, and build and program robots to perform prescribed tasks against a field of competitors. It’s as close to “real-world engineering” as a student can get. Volunteer professional mentors lend their time and talents to guide each team.” This club seeks to fulfill the last clause of this statement, and volunteer our “time and talent” to help local high school FIRST teams. We seek to teach students valuable skills in the field of engineering and robot design, but with a long term goal of inspiring these students to love science and technology.

Club President


The Gamers’ Society of Harvey Mudd College is designed to support and encourage the events of ITR Games, Crack in the AC, Powerdown, and other game sessions at Harvey Mudd College.

Club President


GirlSHMC provides support for the women (and men) of Harvey Mudd, and opportunities for social networking for all, through various activities. Women have traditionally been underrepresented in the sciences, so GirlSHMC helps create a supportive community for women while also welcoming students of different gender identities.

Club President – Jeannette Liu (

Gonzo Unicycle Madness

The Gonzo Unicycle Madness Club (GUMC) of Harvey Mudd College is established to preserve the fine art of unicycle riding, to encourage social activities among unicyclists, to provide an excuse to perform stupid unicycle tricks, and most importantly, to encourage pedestrians to repent and learn to ride.

Club President – Caitlin Lienkaemper (

Harvey Mudd College eSports

The purpose of HMC eSports is to provide a place where members of the Harvey Mudd College community can participate (watch, play, cast, etc.) in eSports.

Club President – Thomas Le (

Harvey Mudd Jam Society

The HMC Jam Society serves the musicians of the college, and provides a soundproofed ‘Jam Room,’ complete with instruments, amplifiers, microphones, a drum kit, and other musical equipment which the members can use after 5:00 pm on weekdays and throughout the weekend. The Jam Society also allows students to reserve the Jam Room for practices for school events, concerts, etc., and also allows ASHMC members to borrow equipment such as microphones for Wednesday Nighters and other school events.

Club President – Kirklann Lau (

Harvey Mudd Skate Society

The purpose of the Harvey Mudd Skate Society (HMSS) is to bring together students who are interested in the sport of skating. HMSS allows these students to meet regularly, ride in groups, and become more immersed in the sport. HMSS also serves the purpose of teaching new skills to beginning and experienced skaters alike. Finally, HMSS allows students to explore about different types and disciplines of skating, such as Freelining, technical sliding, and dancing.

Club President – Skyler Williams (

Harvey Mudd Smash Bros Club

The Harvey Mudd Smash Bros Club is dedicated to playing Smash, learning about Smash, improving our gameplay and organizing competitions. We mostly play Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Club President– Casey Cannon (

Harvey Mudd Wallbangers Climbing Club

The Harvey Wallbangers Climbing Club aims to make rock climbing accessible to all HMC students. The club teaches students interested in climbing, as well as continues to provide the necessary materials to those experienced in it. HWCC gets students off campus, even if it is for only a few hours every week, to climb, adventure and get to know fellow climbers.

Club Presidents – Sam DeRose ( and Vinh Hoang (

Harvey Mudd College Womyn’s Club

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Club Presidents – Kharisma Calderon ( and Madi Pignetti (

Hash House Harriers

The Hash House Harriers (HHH) are a group of students with a serious running problem. HHH is an international activity, and is primarily focused on running trails, followed by social activities that celebrate the run. Trails can be a variety of locales, but are mainly on the Claremont Colleges, and are marked using chalk or flour. The goal of HHH is to catch the hares (volunteers who are laying the trail). Attempting to attain this goal might include such side effects as shouting while running around, meeting cool people, seeing the 5Cs up close and personal, and getting a workout.

Club Presidents – Alex Ozdemir ( and Joe Sinopoli (

Magic: The Gathering Club

The Magic: The Gathering (MTG) Club aims to facilitate and encourage the enjoyment of the popular strategy trading card game Magic: The Gathering at all skill levels, from new players, to casual play, to competitive tournaments.

Club President – Noah Marcus (

Math Club

The purpose of the Math Club is to build a community for those who are interested in math through activities that are both math and non-math oriented.

Club President – Shiyue Li (

Treasurer– Christopher Hoyt (

Mudd Advocates

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Club Presidents – Chloe Calvarin (, Lisa Goeller (, Ellie Gund (, Nicole Kyle (, Joanna Ho ( and Felis Perez (

Mudd Amateur Rocketry Club

The Mudd Amateur Rocket Club (MARC) works to increase interest in, awareness of, and appreciation for rocket engineering, propulsion sciences, and hobby rocketry.

Club President – Jacob Roth (

Mudd Investment Fund

The purpose of the Mudd Investment Fund is to provide an opportunity for all students to gain experience in portfolio management through investing real money in stocks and bonds.

Club Presidents – Avi Thaker ( and Lakshay Akula (

Mudders Making a Difference (MMAD)

Mudders Making a Difference works with the Office of Community Engagement to provide Harvey Mudd students an opportunity to volunteer and participate in socially conscious activities. The organization serves as a connection between students at Harvey Mudd College and the outside community, providing an exchange of ideas and experiences that are a crucial component of the College’s mission statement. Mudders Making a Difference also serves as a structure by which students may pursue independent volunteer or community-oriented projects. In addition to leading and organizing projects, MMAD provides volunteers a structure for reflection on what it means to be an engaged member of the community. Some of MMAD’s previous projects include: volunteering at the Bernard Field Station, cleaning up beaches and trails, and collecting shoes and gifts for local underprivileged children.

Club President – Melinda Lim (

Treasurer – Jane Wu (

Mudd Underground Creative Collective (MUCC)

El Greco is Mudd’s only art club! We aim to foster a community within the student body through ongoing art projects. In the past we have started the first ever Harvey Mudd zine and allowed students to share their stories through art. We plan to have more regular projects and larger events to engage the entire HMC community.

Club Presidents – Madi Pignetti ( and Shanel Wu (

The Muddraker

The Muddraker is Harvey Mudd College’s student newspaper. We hope to bring the students of Harvey Mudd College news about the campus, technology, sports, events and community while giving them a chance to gain journalism experience.

Editors in Chief – Alex Rich ( and Maggie Liu (


NerfSHMC is for anyone interested in NERF dart guns and activities involving them. We hold NERF games, assist people in the setup and modification of NERF guns, purchase and make available NERF darts (which are often in high demand) as well as some NERF dart guns and dart gun modification materials, available to anyone who wants to use them.

Note that inherently, there will be a good deal of intersection between NERFSHMC members and students who participate in “Humans Versus Zombies” as this game is often played with NERF dart guns…

Club President – Aaron Rosen (

Noise Floor

The purpose of our club is to unite students with similar music interests and give them a creative outlet to express their love for the underground music scene by organizing live music events at Mudd. We also help support local music and Mudd student-musicians by putting on these live shows.

Club Presidents – Madi Pignetti (, Dan McCabe ( and Hamza Khan (

Physics Club

The Physics Club will promote physics at Harvey Mudd and in the community as well as organize physics related events (such as talks and social activities with the professors). Additionally, it will support students who want to do physics-related individual projects. We hope to eventually act as the Harvey Mudd chapter of the Society of Physics Students.

Club Presidents – Evan Atchison ( and Chen Jie Xin (

Poker Club

The Poker Club provides facilities for playing poker to members of the Harvey Mudd College community, such as chips and cards. We also sponsor free-to-enter tournaments and organize lessons and casino trips.

Club President – Ben Lowenstein (


Mudd is a very unique community. The purpose of Prism is to meet the needs of queer members of the Mudd community by providing opportunities for these students (and others who don’t fit into the sexual and gender “norms” of their societies) to meet, discuss issues facing queer students at Mudd, and socialize in a friendly environment.

Additionally, Prism works to make other members of the Mudd community aware of the prejudices, stereotypes, and fears faced by queer students even on an open and supportive campus like the Claremont Colleges.

Prism also works to keep Mudd students aware of other events and organizations on the Claremont Colleges that may be of interest to queer and allied students. Prism will work with these organizations, especially those designated 5C organizations, to ensure that events that interest Mudd students are offered.

Club President – Cesar Orellana (

Sailing Club

The Sailing Club provides a diversity of sailing experiences available to all students of Harvey Mudd College, with an emphasis on making sailing opportunities accessible to the largest number of students possible. We take short day trips and one, longer three day trip over Spring Break as well as subsidizing sailing lessons, for those who are interested.

Club President – Miranda Thompson (


Snow Club is intended to help all Mudd students go skiing or snowboarding by subsidizing trips and informing members of upcoming events.

Club Presidents – Tess Despres (, Moira Dillon ( and Anthony Romm (

Society of Professional Latinos in STEMs (SPLS)

The Society of Professional Latinos in STEMs (SPLS) aims to build community amongst its members and help prepare them for future careers in STEMs. The goal of SPLS is to provide members with opportunities for career development and networking by bringing in working professionals in the field of STEMs. SPLS strives to create an open environment where its members can find and provide support, socialize with others, and educate the Mudd community about Latino culture.

Club Presidents – Alejandro Echeverria ( and Leonardo Huerta (

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is a club that encourages and supports women in engineering, math, and sciences through mentoring and social activities.

We share the mission of National SWE as adopted in 1986: “Stimulate women to achieve full potential in careers as engineers and leaders”…“Expand the image of the engineering profession as a positive force in improving the quality of life”…“Demonstrate the value of diversity”

Our goals also coincide with those of National SWE, of which we are a student section: to inform young women, their parents, counselors, and the public in general of the qualifications and achievements of women engineers and the opportunities open to them; to serve as a center of information on women in engineering; to encourage women engineers to attain higher levels of educational and professional achievement.

Moreover, our section of SWE encourages all students to participate regardless of their major. We hope to establish a strong supporting network of individuals through several events. Each year, we organize the WEST (Women Engineers and Scientists of Tomorrow) Conference, where high school girls are invited to the Harvey Mudd College campus to learn about careers in the STEMs fields.

Club Presidents – Alexa Le ( and Lucia Kaye (

Wellness Gardening Club

The purpose of the Wellness Gardening Club is to facilitate taking an active role in our health and environmental interactions by being directly involved in the production of some of the food we eat. The club will also provide opportunities to gather as a community and interact with people outside of our usual friend groups, participate in relaxing outdoor activities, and contribute to the Harvey Mudd College community. In addition to collaborating on large projects, the club will also provide support for students’ personal projects related to gardening.

Club President – Sarah Nichols (

Wine Enthusiasts

Wine Enthusiasts is for students who enjoy fine wines and sampling new varieties. It allows students who have a shared interest in fine wines to meet and socialize while tasting a variety of wines that they would normally not have access to.

Club President – Carson Ramsden (

Wrestling Club

The Wrestling Club will provide a safe space for those both experienced in wrestling and new to the sport. We will wrestle frequently and teach newcomers the ways of our sport.

Club President – James Palmer (