ASHMC Chartered Clubs

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Adventure ClubThe purpose of the Adventure Club is to organize enthusiastic individuals into a cohesive mass of excellence to engage in a wide variety of productive, recreational, and ridiculous activities of grand import.
API-SPAMThe Asian Pacific Islander Sponsor Program At Mudd (API-SPAM) seeks to provide a solid and diverse foundation of social, political, and emotional support for first-year and transfer students to Harvey Mudd College by providing mentoring relationships with trained, upper-class sponsors. with a focus on API and international issues.
Astronomy ClubTo increase interest and appreciation for the night sky by providing access to astronomical knowledge and hardware to the Harvey Mudd community and the public in general.
BarnstormersThe Barnstormers Club serves the community interested in aviation and aerospace by organizing aviation-related events and trips, collecting and disseminating accurate and timely information regarding aerospace and careers in aerospace, and providing channels for members to communicate with other students and alumni who are interested in aviation. The Barnstormers club maintains a special relationship with HMC alumni who graduated from the Bates Aeronautics program or who are active participants in the aerospace community.
BBQ ClubBBQ Club has three primary purposes: 1. Provide a forum for BBQ enthusiasts to share their knowledge and reconnect with BBQ culture. 2. Teach students the art of BBQ, giving them skills they can utilize and share throughout their lives. 3. Share delicious barbecued meats with the larger student body.
BeerSHMCBeerSHMC aims to bring together beer enthusiasts to share their knowledge and love for beer from all over the globe.
BlackJack ClubTo give the students of Harvey Mudd a place to learn, play, analyze, and practice blackjack as well as develop an optimal strategy to winning, in a safe and low-risk environment. Furthermore, provide a relaxed and inclusive environment to exercise our skills in math and probability.
BLAM (Black Lives at Mudd)BLAM seeks to form a community of individuals in support of Black students at Harvey Mudd College. The club will celebrate the various aspects of Black culture, maintain a safe space for Black students to share their experiences and raise awareness about issues facing the larger Black community.
Bridge ClubThe Bridge Club hosts weekly meetings for players of all levels to learn and play bridge, improve their play, and socialize with other members of the community. We host meetings for casual bridge and more serious practices for players seeking to improve their play and participate in local and online tournaments.
CafeSHMCThe purpose of CafeSHMC is to provide an opportunity for all students to learn and appreciate the art of making coffee, tea and other specialty beverages. We encourage students to create new drinks and socialize with friends through our meetings. Our club will give students a newfound understanding and appreciation of coffee and tea which will stay with them beyond graduation.
Cheese ClubCheese Club aims to familiarize students with a variety of cheeses originating from all over the world.
Climbing ClubThe Climbing Club aims to make rock climbing accessible to all HMC students. It does this through two means: subsidizing climbing passes and enabling climbing trips. Climbing trips can include both trips for beginners to the climbing gym and trips for experiences climbers to real rock faces.
Combat RoboticsThe goal of this club is to educate its members about practical design and fabrication with an ultimate goal of designing and building combat robots. Club members will have the opportunity to work together for the goal of either completing personal robots or attending robotics competitions.
Common Ground Christian FellowshipCommon Ground brings together Christians and non-Christians from many different national, political, social, cultural, and denominational backgrounds. Despite our differences, we come together to learn about faith in God and Jesus Christ. We hope to provide an open and safe environment for everyone to join a loving community, share their faith or beliefs, explore deep questions about life, and/or grow their faith in Christ Jesus by building a deeper relationship with God and with each other. As Christians, we believe that God’s love is for everyone. Common Ground exists to provide opportunities for all to explore questions of faith and purpose and to join a community aiming to follow Christ’s example. In community, we will better develop our own intellectual and emotional relationship with God.
Cricket ClubThe Claremont Cricket Club is an organization founded to promote the sport of cricket in the Claremont Colleges and the USA. This will involve participation in matches and tournaments with other Universities under the auspices of the national body, American College Cricket as well as teaching cricket to interested individuals (including of a non-traditional cricket background), hosting cricket practice, and other activities for fun.
Delta HTo give the students of Harvey Mudd the means to explore the outdoors. Harvey Mudd has a strong, tight-knit community on campus, but often students need a break from the on-campus atmosphere. Delta H promotes outdoor trips and activities as a method of alleviating stress and improving student wellness.
DUCK!The purpose of this organization is to provide a fun environment for those wishing to learn improvisational comedy to gain instruction on the basics, as well as for those with prior experience in improvisational comedy to practice techniques.
ESW/MOSSTo engage HMC students in improving environmental, social, and economic sustainability through: Fostering multidisciplinary relationships across the HMC campus, the Claremont community, and the Consortium to increase awareness; Researching HMC current practices (i.e. water, electricity, recycling) and recommending sustainable solutions at HMC through coordinated student, faculty, and staff actions; Providing a forum for environmental sustainability discussions; Partnering technical and educational resources to design sustainable technological solutions.
Exploring Pan-Asian Identity and Culture (EPAIC)The purpose of the Exploring Pan-Asian Identity and Culture Club (EPAIC Club -pronounced “epic”) is to spread awareness and promote understanding of issues within the Pan-Asian community. The club will provide a safe space for all members of the HMC community to discuss and learn about issues at the intersection of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, public policy, education, and more.
FEMunionThe purpose of the FEM (Feminism and Empowerment at Mudd) Union is to bring students together and provide space and programming involving all genders, tailored to the diverse needs of women. The FEM Union would like to raise awareness of gender issues and make conversations about them more accessible to the students of Harvey Mudd College. Since we do not have a required gender studies class in our curriculum, this club will be benefit the entire student body. We aim to combat interlocking systems of oppression based on, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, sex, gender, sexual orientation, class, religion, and ability. The FEM Union commits to working towards securing positive changes for women in their personal and political lives and to deconstruct gender based constraints by providing a safe, welcoming platform for students to express their opinions.
GameSHMCWe have a game library available for all students on campus both for individuals and other groups to use at their events. We also periodically host game night to encourage the Mudd community to come together to have fun and destress in a healthy way.
GirlSHMCGirlsHMC provides support and opportunities for social networking for the women (and men) of Harvey Mudd College through various activities. Women have traditionally been underrepresented in the sciences, so GirlsHMC helps create a supportive community for the women of this college.
HMC eSports ClubTo provide a place where members of the Harvey Mudd College community can participate (watch, play, cast, etc.) in eSports.
Ice Cream ClubWe enjoy and the promote the goodness of ice cream and other frozen desserts together.
Jam SocietyThe HMC Jam Society serves the musicians of the college, and provides a soundproofed ‘Jam Room,’ complete with instruments, amplifiers, microphones, a drum kit, and other musical equipment which the members can use after 5:00 pm on weekdays and throughout the weekend. The Jam Society also allows students to reserve the Jam Room for practices for school events, concerts, etc., and also allows ASHMC members, and community art and music organizers like Noise Floor to borrow equipment such as microphones and for Wednesday Nighters and other school events. The Jam Society aims to be both a space and a medium where musicians who want to collaborate can easily do so, and are able to showcase what they have been working on.
KombuchSHMCKombuchSHMC is dedicated to learning about the process of making kombucha, which is a fermented tea! We will be making kombucha all year. We will have meetings to bottle and add flavor to our kombucha, adding different flavors throughout the year! We will have tasting meetings where we will also provide snacks.
KSEA-HMCThe purpose of this organization is to provide a branch chapter to the existing Korean-­American Scientists and Engineers Association here at Harvey Mudd College. The organization’s objective is to promote the application of science and technology for the general welfare of society, foster international cooperation especially between the U.S. and Korea and help Korean-­American Scientists and Engineers develop their full career potential.
Lettuce ClubThe Harvey Mudd College Lettuce Club provides a welcoming environment for students of all backgrounds to enjoy lettuce in our semi­annual lettuce eating competition. Lettuce Club strives to bring the community together each semester by celebrating the wonderfully leafy vegetation know as lettuce. The type of lettuce shall be voted on before the first lettuce club meeting and shall remain the same for all future years for consistency.
Math ClubThe name of this organization shall be "Harvey Mudd College Math Club" or simply, Math Club. The Harvey Mudd Math Club is also the Harvey Mudd student chapter of SIAM (the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics)
MMAD (Mudders Making a Difference)Mudders Making a Difference is an organization committed to working with The Office of Community Engagement to provide Harvey Mudd students an opportunity to volunteer and participate in socially conscious activities. The organization serves as a connection between students at Harvey Mudd College and the outside community, providing an exchange of ideas and experiences that are a crucial component of the College's mission statement. Mudders Making a Difference also serves as a structure by which students may pursue independent, volunteer or community­-oriented projects.
Mock TrialAs a student led mock trial team at Harvey Mudd College we aim to gain public speaking and critical thinking skills that would complement our STEMs education. This club hopes to fill the gap of public speaking and non­STEMs educational interests at Harvey Mudd. We hope to allow students that participated in similar clubs in high school or those looking to start in college the ability to develop skills they may not otherwise during their college years.
MTG ClubThe MTG Club aims to facilitate and encourage the enjoyment of the popular strategy trading card game Magic: The Gathering at all skill levels, from new players, to casual play, to competitive tournaments.
Mudd Advocates for Survivors of Sexual AssaultThe purposes of Mudd Advocates are: 1. Foster a culture of consent in all aspects of Harvey Mudd’s culture through education and outreach. Education and outreach will be used to combat rape culture, give agency to survivors, create an accepting and inclusive environment, and empower all members of the community to promote consent; 2. Build a group with institutional memory and relevance to Harvey Mudd’s culture. Collaborate and maintain relations with the other student Advocate groups at the other Claremont Colleges.
Mudd MakerspaceThe Mudd Makerspace will provide three main resources to its members: 1 - the club's physical space will be set up like a 'maker space' or 'hacker space'; now located in the recently renovated classroom in Parsons B132. This room will give members a place to store materials and tools, and work on their projects. 2 - funding will be provided to members who wish to work on more costly projects (typically in the 50 to 200 dollar range). 3 - The club will allow members to share tools, materials, and also skills and techniques. All members will be able to benefit from this collaborative and sharing atmosphere.
Mudders Making A Difference (MMAD)Mudders Making a Difference is an organization committed to working with The Office of Community Engagement to provide Harvey Mudd students an opportunity to volunteer and participate in socially conscious activities. The organization serves as a connection between students at Harvey Mudd College and the outside community, providing an exchange of ideas and experiences that are a crucial component of the College's mission statement. Mudders Making a Difference also serves as a structure by which students may pursue independent, volunteer or community­-oriented projects.
NerfSHMCThis club will be for anyone interested in NERF dart blasters. NerfSHMC will host NERF games, assist members in the setup and modification of NERF blasters, purchase and make available NERF darts (which are often in high demand) as well as NERF dart blasters for use by anyone who wants to use them during sanctioned club activities. Officers have permission to use club funds to procure materials that may be used to modify blasters.
Poker ClubThe Poker Club provides facilities for playing poker to members of the Harvey Mudd College community.
PRISMMudd is a very diverse community. The purpose of PRISM is to meet the needs of LGBTQ+ members of the Mudd community by providing opportunities for these students (and others who don’t fit into the sexual and gender “norms”) to meet, discuss issues facing queer students at Mudd, and socialize in a friendly environment.
Prison Education Project (PEPSHMC)To give the students of Harvey Mudd the opportunity to teach STEM subjects at local prisons to educate, empower,
and transform the lives of incarcerated individuals. This will be a way for Mudders to live out the mission statement
and be able to use the science and math that they learn in classes to help others.
Running ClubThe purpose of the Running Club is to help provide Harvey Mudd students with the resources and motivation to train for and participate in running events, such as races and triathlons. Exercise is integral to a healthy routine, and encouraging students to participate in these activities will hopefully promote healthy lifestyles on campus. The club also seeks to help students and faculty connect over a shared interest in running.
Sailing ClubThe Sailing Club provides a diversity of sailing experiences available to all students of Harvey Mudd College, with an emphasis on making sailing opportunities accessible to the largest number of students possible.
Skate SocietyTo ensure that the students of Harvey Mudd have a community of fellow skaters of all types where they can socialize, skate, and discuss any and all topics related to skating. Our community is all-encompassing and accepting of any person and any type of “skating” including skateboarders, longboarders, freeliners, freeskaters, freeboarders, roller bladers, land paddlers etc. HMC Skate Society is dedicated to providing the support and social motivation to keep skating on Mudd’s campus alive and thriving, not just as a means of getting to class faster, but as a recreational activity in and of itself for purposes of self enjoyment, stress relief, and stoke.
SnowSHMCSnow Club is intended to help all Mudd students go skiing or snowboarding.
Society of Professional Latinxs in STEMDirection and Purpose of the Club for the 2016-2017 school year: SPLS will help develop the Latinx community by holding three cultural events per semester and maintaining the AMIGO mentor program. SPLS will promote professional development on campus by holding two events per semester. SPLS will organize at least one community outreach event per semester. SPLS will collaborate with other diversity clubs on HMC campus at least once a semester in order to promote intersectionality and community. SPLS will focus on visibility of all Latin American cultures, as well as the identity of multiracial and Afrolatinx students.
Society of Women EngineersTo encourage and support women in engineering, math, and sciences through mentoring and social activities. We share the mission of National SWE as adopted in 1986: “Stimulate women to achieve full potential in careers as engineers and leaders”, “Expand the image of the engineering profession as a positive force in improving the quality of life”, “Demonstrate the value of diversity”.
Study CloudThe Study Cloud Club is an organization of Harvey Mudd College students devoted to the development of a website called Study Cloud. This site will provide a public space for students to share study resources (notes, quizlets, etc.) with one another. By uploading their resources to Study Cloud, students can then have their materials archived, organized, and made searchable for future students as well. Students in the club are simultaneously mentored in web development and assigned tasks related to the development of the Study Cloud site. Once all tasks are completed and the site has been released to the students of HMC (which is scheduled to happen by the beginning of the 2017-2018 academic year), the purpose of the club will change to also include management of the site. Examples of jobs related to management include content moderation, content organization, account approval, and site promotion.
The Chocolate SocietyIncrease chocolate appreciation through exposure students to various chocolates, their production, and usage in food preparation. In addition to chocolates bars and morsels, foods of interest include any delectables that feature chocolate, such as chocolate croissants, hot chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, and even savoury dishes.
The MuddrakerThe Muddraker is Harvey Mudd College’s student newspaper. We hope to bring the students of Harvey Mudd College news about the campus, technology, sports, events and community.
THEY/THEMTHEY/THEM is a club for trans, non-binary, agender, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, other-not-cis, and gender questioning students and our allies. We work to provide space for community building, connect students to resources, and advocate on behalf of students without cis privilege at Mudd.
Vegan ClubThe aims of vegan club are to: 1. Expose students to veganism as a philosophy as well as a cuisine, 2. Explore the ethical and environmental impacts of our lifestyles, 3. Instruct how to make easy, affordable, and sustainable recipes.
Wine ClubAct classy, drink wine, eat cheese and fruit.
Women in MathTo foster community within the mathematics department (especially among female math students) and to create a welcoming space for students to explore the ways in which their identity interacts with their mathematical work.
Women in PhysicsTo create community and support for students interested in physics.