ASHMC Chartered Clubs

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Club Name
Mission Statement
Club Contact
Advocates ClubFoster a culture of consent in all aspects of Harvey Mudd’s culture through education and
outreach. Education and outreach will be used to combat rape culture, give agency to survivors,
create an accepting and inclusive environment, and empower all members of the community to
promote consent.
Anime ClubTo give the students of Harvey Mudd the means to explore the world of anime. Harvey Mudd has a strong, tight-knit community on campus, but often students need a break from the on-campus atmosphere in favor of a digital atmosphere. Anime Club promotes an anime filled environment as a method of alleviating stress and improving student
Barbecue ClubThe purpose of Barbecue Club is to practice and teach the art of barbecue at Harvey Mudd College as well as to foster a community around the experience of learning about, making, and eating good barbecue.
BeerSHMCBeerSHMC aims to bring together beer enthusiasts to share their knowledge and love for beer from all over the globe. In addition to giving members a forum to discuss beer, BeerSHMC aims to give members an appreciation of where beer comes from. Further, the club aims to share how beer making is an exciting application of biology, chemistry, engineering, and culinary expression!
BLAMBLAM seeks to form a community of individuals in support of Black students at Harvey
Mudd College. The club will celebrate and discuss the various aspects of Black culture,
maintain a safe space for Black students to share their experiences, and raise awareness about
issues facing the larger Black community.
Cheese ClubThe mission of cheese club is to provide a space for all members to come and eat cheese, whether that be virtual or online. We pledge to have meetings at least once a month and provide cheese subsidized by the college as well as an assortment of other
Chocolate SocietyIncrease chocolate appreciation through exposing of students to various chocolates, their production, and usage in food preparation. In addition to chocolates bars and morsels, foods of interest include any delectables that feature chocolate, such as chocolate croissants, hot chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, and even savoury dishes.
DUCK!The purpose of this organization is to provide a fun environment for those wishing to learn improvisational comedy to gain instruction on the basics, as well as for those with prior experience in improvisational comedy to practice
EPAIC (Exploring Pan-Asian Identity and Culture Club) + APISPAM (Asian Pacific Islander Sponsorship Program at Mudd)The purpose of the Exploring Pan-Asian Identity and Culture Club (EPAIC Club -pronounced “epic”) is to spread awareness and promote understanding of issues within the Pan-Asian community. The club will provide a safe space for all members of the HMC community to discuss and learn about issues at the intersection of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, public policy, education, and more. The Asian Pacific Islanders Sponsor Program at Mudd (APISPAM) will be the sponsor program working under EPAIC. APISPAM (Asian Pacific Islander Sponsorship Program at Mudd) is a sponsorship program for Asian Pacific Islander and Desi identifying frosh and transfer students. If you are an upperclassman interested in learning about APIDA culture, we highly recommend you join EPAIC (Exploring Pan-Asian Identities and Cultures),
FLISHMCFLISHMC seeks to provide a foundation of social and emotional support for first-generation
and/or low-income students at Harvey Mudd College by fostering community, promoting both
academic and professional success, by organizing events, and reaching to other campuses.
FLISHMC will strive to create an open, inclusive, and safe space on Harvey Mudd’s campus
for the first-generation and/or low-income students. It will nurture, unite, and strengthen the
bonds among individuals in this community.
GamesHMC ClubThe purpose of GamesHMC is to provide Mudders a place to get together and enjoy some
lighthearted fun with board, card, and video games. We seek to create an inclusive atmosphere
that reflects the variation present in game types. Games, especially tabletop, are a wonderful way
to meet new people and share interests with the community.
Harvey Mudd Investment ClubThe purpose of The Harvey Mudd Investment Fund is to invest the assets of the club solely in
stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, and other securities (collectively herein referred to as
“securities”) for the education and hands-on experience of students in finance.
Harvey Mudd Jam SocietyJam Society seeks to serve the musicians of Harvey Mudd college
by providing a soundproof “jam room” with instruments and musical equipment, thus
giving students the space and means to pursue their musical passions. It also aims to
serve Harvey Mudd college as a whole by lending equipment for campus events such as
concerts and student performances.
HMC EsportsThe purpose of HMC Esports is to provide a place for students to connect with others who are passionate about video-gaming and esports. Gaming can be a great way to relax and destress while also allowing people to meet each other outside of a classroom setting. There are a lot of gamers here at Harvey Mudd and HMC Esports would give them a place to meet other people with common interests and enjoy their passion for gaming together. This amounts to running formalized tournaments for various games (based on interest), throwing gaming parties for new games or popular ones, organizing trips to esports events in the area, and supporting students interested in improving their skills or participating in external
Ice Cream ClubThe purpose of Ice Cream Club is to provide an opportunity for all students to learn and appreciate the variety, diversity, and joy of unique, comforting, and artisanal ice cream and other specialty frozen treats. We want to give students the opportunity to enjoy these creamy smooth desserts and get a chance to socialize and connect with other students. Our club will give students a newfound understanding and appreciation of these frozen delights for years to
LEAD (Latina Empowerment And Development) LEAD of Harvey Mudd College creates a supportive environment of Latina empowerment and inspires Latinas to assume leadership roles in their STEM careers.
Milk ClubOur purpose is to enjoy and partake in milk with other like-minded milk lovers at Mudd. It is important for all Mudd students to get enough milk to support their bones and for there to be a support group for milk lovers.We will have monthly meetings that are two hours long during which we will try different
types of milk and encourage conversation. We will hold milk testing events.
MINDS ClubThe goal of Mudders Identifying as NeuroDeivergent Students (MINDS) is to create a
safe space for all different types of brains at HMC. We welcome all people with all sorts of
neurodiversity: autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, down syndrome, cluster personality
disorders, mental health disorders, Tourette’s syndrome, intellectual disability, and other forms
of neurodivergence not listed here, as well as neurotypical allies of the neurodivergent
community. In order to make this as safe of a space as possible, we do not require anyone to
disclose what conditions they have or don’t have, and we do not require anyone to have an
official diagnosis to label themselves with a specific type of neurodivergence.
MuddEscapes ClubTo give the students of Harvey Mudd the means to build escape rooms and to put
on escape rooms for the students of Harvey Mudd to enjoy. Many Mudd students
enjoy creating, building, and solving puzzles, but struggle to find the resources
and community to engage in these activities. MuddEscapes provides these as
well as a motivating reason for doing so that is also fun for the community.
Mudd Amateur Rocketry Club (MARC)MARC will have four primary methods to achieve its purpose:
⚫ Encourage and oversee construction and use of both model (hobby) and high-power rockets with
Harvey Mudd students and other interested parties.
⚫ Research and work on high-power amateur rocket engineering using skills learned in Harvey Mudd
College courses, such as Tools, Fluid Mechanics, and Systems courses.
⚫ Serve as a conduit for contact with similar amateur rocketry organizations in the region, and
coordinate Harvey Mudd rocket launches with other interested parties in suitable areas.
⚫ Alumni of MARC who go on to practice in rocket-related fields will have the opportunity to share
with later versions of MARC their knowledge, advice, and interests in rocketry.
Mudders Making a Difference (MMAD)
Mudders Making a Difference is an organization committed to working with The Office of Community Engagement to provide Harvey Mudd students an opportunity to volunteer and participate in socially conscious activities. The organization serves as a connection between students at Harvey Mudd College and the outside community, providing an exchange of ideas and experiences that are a crucial component of the College's mission statement. Mudders Making a Difference also serves as a structure by which students may pursue independent, volunteer or community­-oriented projects.
Mudd SuddsMudd Sudds serves to provide a way for students to explore one practical and enjoyable
application of chemistry, soap making, in a nonacademic manner. Because of the variety of
processes to make soap, as well as the innumerable aesthetic possibilities, soap making is as
creative as it is scientific, and Mudd Sudds hopes to use that to promote an additional method of
relaxation on campus through this form of craftsmanship.
MUNCH ClubThe purpose of the Mudd Union of Non-Conventional Healthy relationships (MUNCH) is to
give students at Harvey Mudd with interest in alternative forms of relationships (polyamory/
consensual non-monogamy and kink specifically) a space for discussion, growth, and meeting
like-minded people, as well as to educate the student body on alternative relationship forms,
dispelling myths and increasing acceptance and safe practices.
Often those in non-traditional relationships feel the need to operate in secrecy, which can make it
much harder to discern unhealthy behaviors. By creating an organization to support these

students and lifestyles, MUNCH hopes to make students safer and more accepted in non-
conventional relationships.
NerfSHMCThis club provides NERF related fun to ASHMC. NerfSHMC will host NERF games, assist
members with NERF blasters modification, and purchase NERF supplies for club activities.
People Respecting Identities and
Sexualities at Mudd (PRISM)
People Respecting Identities and Sexualities at Mudd (PRISM) supports Mudd’s queer
community by providing opportunities for students, staff, and faculty to socialize in a friendly
environment, discuss issues facing the queer community at Mudd, and advocate for positive
Poker ClubThe purpose of the Poker Club is to engage the HMC community in recreational activities
including poker and other card games. The club will provide a space for members of the
HMC community to enjoy the game of poker, as well as learn poker tips and tricks from each
other. The purpose of this club is primarily recreational and educational and it’s meetings are
not meant to encourage underage gambling in any way, shape, or form.
Prank ClubTo serve as an umbrella organization for students interested in doing large pranks, especially those that require many students to participate or occur off-campus. This club will attempt to bring together the manpower and expertise of the many pranksters at Mudd in order to facilitate the organization and funding of the largest of prank-related
Prison Education Project at MuddPurpose: To give the students of Harvey Mudd the opportunity to teach STEM subjects at local prisons to educate, empower,
and transform the lives of incarcerated individuals. This will be a way for Mudders to live out the mission statement
and be able to use the science and math that they learn in classes to help others.
Sewing and Fashion Design ClubThe purpose of the Sewing and Fashion Design Club is to provide
a community space for those who are interested in any form of
sewing and fashion design, no matter what level of experience.
The club hopes to introduce sewing as a creative outlet, and to
provide tutorials on multiple facets of sewing: fabric sewing,
knitting, crocheting, embroidery, quilting, and any more. The
club also hopes to explore fashion design, from concept to final
Skate SocietyWe will provide students with a safe community in which to learn how to skate, improve their skills, or simply have fun with other skaters. We're partial to freeskates, but all wheels are welcome!
Society for the Advancement of Latinx Students At Mudd (SALSA-Mudd) SALSA-Mudd will help develop the Latinx community at Mudd by fostering a stronger relationship between its members and by re-establishing the AMIGO mentor
Society of Women Engineers (SWE) To encourage and support women in engineering, math, and sciences through mentoring and social activities.

We share the mission of National SWE as adopted in 1986:
“Stimulate women to achieve full potential in careers as engineers and leaders”
“Expand the image of the engineering profession as a positive force in improving the quality of life”
“Demonstrate the value of diversity”

Also, our goals coincide with that of National SWE, of which we are a student section:

To inform young women, their parents, counselors, and the public in general of the qualifications and achievements of women engineers and the opportunities open to them.
To serve as a center of information on women in engineering.
To encourage women engineers to attain higher levels of educational and professional achievement.
Moreover, our section of SWE encourages all students to participate regardless of their major. We hope to establish a strong supporting network of individuals.
Spectrum YearbookThe purpose of The Spectrum is to create and produce a yearbook for the entire school in order to capture the memories and events that occur every year.
Spikeball ClubThe purpose of Spikeball Club is to promote Spikeball around Harvey Mudd College. The goals of the club are to grow players' individual skill and foster a spikeball community at Mudd as well as to provide a safe, fun and inclusive space to destress and engage in healthy physical activity.
Stationery ClubIntroduce the student body to the marvelous world and wonders of
stationery products, and arts and crafts! We hope to create a stress-free environment where all
students can come and try different pens/tools/stationery and perhaps discover things they would
like to incorporate in their day-to-day lives, in addition to experimenting with other fun
Sustainability ClubSustainability Club seeks to institutionalize sustainability and implement
sustainable solutions in Harvey Mudd, across the 5Cs, and in Claremont by fostering
multidisciplinary relationships, raising awareness, and promoting discussion. To do this, the club
organizes technical projects, conducts community awareness and advocacy efforts, and
encourages ways for Mudders to engage in careers in sustainability after graduating.
The Muddraker
The Muddraker strives to share stories from the Mudd community with
students, parents, and alumni through various forms of media. We aim to
update the community on events and opinions that are overlooked and not
considered mainstream. In addition, we intend to be a safe place for students to explore their interests in journalism, photography, graphic design, and writing.
Women in Math ClubPurpose: The goal of the club is to provide a welcoming space for female students
who are pursuing a degree in mathematics. Although open to all students, the
club’s emphasis is on supporting women who are traditionally underrepresented in
STEM fields.
Women in Physics ClubTo create community and support for students who identify with underrepresented genders and who are
interested and passionate about physics.