Announcements Regarding Classes at HMC Next Week and Drop Dates

At an emergency faculty meeting today, the faculty passed the following motion:

To achieve the following goals:

  • to prevent further deterioration of the situation on campus,
  • to provide time and space for interactions that may help to heal divisions within our community,
  • to demonstrate our empathy for students’ concerns,
  • to support all students, especially those who need it most, and
  • to build upon actions that many faculty are already undertaking,

the faculty proposes to 

  1. cancel classes on Monday and Tuesday, April 17-18, and
  2. commit to significantly reducing workload for students for the rest of the semester.

President Klawe has agreed to the cancellation of classes, and the faculty will be working to implement the reduction in workload. The FEC and academic departments will be setting up optional community activities on Monday and Tuesday.  Many faculty will be available for conversations and consultation.

Finally, the Registrar, Dean of the Faculty and Chair of the Scholarly Standing Committee have agreed to extend the drop, withdrawal and pass/fail dates to the end of next week, April 21.

For the faculty,

Patrick Little