Cabinet Response to Student Protest

Dear Students,

A subset of the President’s Cabinet met to address the demands presented this afternoon. There will be many opportunities for further discussion. At this moment we are able to communicate the following:

  1. On Wednesday 4/19 the President’s Cabinet will draft a proposal for increases to on campus health and wellness personnel as well as increased funding for access off-campus resources for the 2017-18 year. We will announce our proposal later that day for student feedback. We will continue to provide Counselors on campus for the rest of the semester. Dean Michelle just shared an email with more information about the Counselors and a link to a calendar for scheduling meetings.
  2. As it relates to Item 1, we will host a funded dinner with Cabinet and Students in the Aviation Room on Thursday 4/20 to discuss budget planning.
  3. I will share DSA budget information by next Friday 4/21. OHW’s five-year budget history is attached. If you have questions feel free to contact me.
  4. The College is unable to comment for legal and policy reasons on personnel issues.
  5. President Klawe committed $1500 non-ASHMC funds per group to support APISPAM, BLAM, FEMunion, PRISM, SPLS, and THEY/THEM activities and programming for 2017-18 year.
  6. I will look for space in the short term. Once the new building is completed the College will allocate some vacated space for affinity groups.
  7. As noted in 3, DSA budget information will be shared by next Friday. If there are specific complaints about performance issues with individuals on our Campus (staff or faculty) you should contact the individual’s supervisor or Cynthia Beckwith, AVP for Human Resources.

We thank you for your input. We care about you and your well-being.

-Dean Jakes