Past Clinic Projects, Computer Science Page 8

Project Department Year
Minimizing Communication in Uncertain Multi-Agent Schedules Computer Science NASA AMES Research Center 2017–18
Opening the Web Analytics Black Box with Innovations in Machine Learning, Visualization, Animation, and Big Data Computer Science New Relic Inc. 2017–18
Detecting Phishing Using Deep Learning Networks Computer Science Proofpoint Inc. 2017–18
Securing Today’s Software-Development Pipelines Computer Science Rapid7 Inc. 2017–18
Wood Veneer Classification and Cataloguing, Mobile Computer Science Steelcase Inc. 2017–18
Machine Learning on DNS Data to Discover Security Threats Computer Science Webroot Inc. 2017–18
Traffic Testing in Fully Programmable, 6.4Tbps Networks Computer Science Barefoot Networks 2017–18
Algorithmic Fairness: Using Machine Learning To Detect Disparate Impact In Geo-based Risk Modeling Computer Science Consensus Corporation 2017–18
Temporal Segmentation of Surgical Suturing Computer Science Intuitive Surgical 2017–18
Integrating Distributed-Memory Machine Learning into Large-Scale HPC Computer Science Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 2017–18
Creation and Analysis of Experiment Driven Biological Networks for Understanding Memory Processes Biology/Computer Science/Mathematics Dart NeuroScience LLC 2016–17
Hockey Helmet Impact-Monitoring System Computer Science/Engineering ZAM Helmets Inc. 2016–17
Hotel Recommendation System Computer Science American Express 2016–17
Measuring User Engagement in Fairway Solitaire Computer Science Big Fish Games 2016–17
Using Latent Topics Models to Detect Rare Behaviors Computer Science FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) 2016–17
Dynamic Website Updates Computer Science GoDaddy 2016–17
Serializing Chromium Tab State Computer Science Google Inc. 2016–17
Cognitive Note Taking Computer Science International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) 2016–17
Fast Detection of Problems in Scanned Documents Computer Science Laserfiche 2016–17
High Performance Portability Computer Science Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 2016–17
Past Clinic Projects