Past Clinic Projects, Computer Science Page 8

Project Department Year
New Relic Churn Prediction & Prevention Micro-Segmentation and Predictive Analytics Computer Science New Relic Inc. 2016–17
Predicting Malicious URLs Computer Science Proofpoint 2016–17
Detecting Evil Through Machine Learning Computer Science Reddit 2016–17
Real-Time Visualization and Machine Learning On Network Streams Computer Science Webroot Inc. 2016–17
Digital Aging Computer Science MITRE Corporation 2015–16
Advanced Toolkit for Adaptive Particle Simulations Computer Science Sandia National Laboratories 2015–16
Classifying Wood Veneer Computer Science Steelcase 2015–16
Image Fingerprinting Computer Science Time Inc. 2015–16
Social Reputation on Twitter Computer Science Webroot Inc. 2015–16
Empowering Information Discovery: Extracting Meaning from Yelp Reviews Computer Science Yelp Inc. 2015–16
Zenscript Computer Science Zendesk 2015–16
Innovative Graphics and Input Enhancements for the Satellite Orbit Analysis Program (SOAP) Computer Science/Engineering The Aerospace Corporation 2015–16
Project CharlieMike Computer Science/Engineering Oakley 2015–16
Tracking Activity and Motion to Improve Success Likelihood of Liver Transplant Computer Science/Engineering Project Spock 2015–16
Automated Examination of Collectibles Computer Science/Engineering TAG LLC 2015–16
Flight Artificial Intelligent Router (FLAIR) Computer Science/Engineering Teledyne Controls 2015–16
Atomistic Simulations of White Dwarf Dynamics Computer Science/Physics Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 2015–16
Predicting Customer Behavior from Credit Card Transactions Computer Science American Express 2015–16
Indoor Mapping with Bluetooth Beacons Computer Science Gimbal 2015–16
Location-Aware Data Sharing Between Devices Computer Science Intel Corporation 2015–16
Past Clinic Projects