HMC Achieving Net Zero Emissions Through Infrastructure Decision-Making

Harvey Mudd College Mathematics/Physics, 2020–21

Liaison(s): Annika Eberle ’09, Colleen Coxe (HMC)
Advisor(s): Peter Saeta
Students(s): Mary Anderson, Hannah Davalos (PM-S), Chai Karamchedu, Sam Ness (PM-F), Eric Thompson-Martin

To help HMC become a leader in sustainability and fulfill its environmental commitments, the Net Zero clinic team catalogued sources of greenhouse gas emissions arising from on-campus consumption of electricity and natural gas. While considering the financial needs of the College, we developed a time-sensitive and environmentally impactful plan to facilitate a transition to renewable energy. We identified strategies for developing off-site projects in Southern California and locations for on-campus renewable generation to swiftly bring HMC to net zero emissions.