Grid-Enabling the VISPERS Application

The Aerospace Corporation Computer Science, 2004-05

Liaison(s): Joseph Betser, Robert Davis ’91, Matthew Presley ’89, Jorge Seidel
Advisor(s): Robert Keller
Students(s): Brian Bentow (PM), Jon Dodge, Aaron Homer, Chris Moore

The Clinic team designed and implemented a version of waveform analysis tool, VAIL, based on the grid highly-parallel computing paradigm, using the Globus toolkit. VAIL is part of a larger system that analyzes realtime sensor data to characterize the vibroacoustic shock environment of launch vehicles. We conducted a performance analysis of the grid-enabled tool, measured speedup, and analyzed communication bottlenecks. We also researched and surveyed the current state-of-the-art in grid computing tools and provided a study to facilitate future grid implementations by The AerospaceCorporation.