A Grid Enabled Biometric Identification Framework For Video Surveillance Applications

The Aerospace Corporation Computer Science, 2005-06

Liaison(s): Joseph Betser, Douglas Buettner, Robert Davis 91, William Goo, ’01, Matthew Presley ’89
Advisor(s): Ran Libeskind-Hadas
Students(s): Michael Coupland (PM: F), Steph Grush (SCR), Mac Mason Paul Wais (PM: S), Matt Mock (F)

This Clinic project addresses face recognition and grid computing with a framework for distributed biometric identification. ANUBIS, the Aerospace networked upgradeable biometric identification system, is a grid-enabled surveillance application that applies face recognition to video streams. ANUBIS utilizes Aerospace’s Switchblade library, a Java framework for the distributed processing of streaming data, and the Identix FaceIt toolkit, and is extensible to accommodate alternative biometric data schemes.