Online Instructional Resources (Lynda)

Service Description is an online video library of courses for business, technology and creative skills. Mudd faculty, students and staff may find courses on web accessibility, Linux, Advanced Excel or Github of interest.


Lynda is available to HMC faculty, students, and staff through both the Los Angeles County Public Library (e.g. Claremont branch) and the Los Angeles City Public Library.

How to Access the Service

Note: All LA County Library locations, including the Claremont public library, are closed until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please refer to the LA County Library Coronavirus Update page for more information.

You must first sign up for a free library card at the Claremont Public Library. We recommend you apply for a digital library card instead of a physical card, as you will still receive a library card number and PIN and can use that to access Otherwise, if you need a physical card, print and fill out the physical form and bring identification when you turn it in at any LA Country Library with sidewalk service. Students, if you have a California driver’s license, that will work. Otherwise the combination of your current student ID and an out of state driver’s license (or passport) will work.

Once you have a digital or physical library card, head to the LA County Library Lynda portal and enter your library card number and PIN.

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