Survey Says…

“My time spent on your campus during my junior year was truly instrumental to my decision to pursue STEM, and opened my eyes to the value and importance of minorities entering STEM fields.”

“This program was really great and introduced me to the most amazing people. It also helped me find what I liked and didn’t like in a college and overall made my college research and application processes much easier.”

“What I enjoyed the most was speaking with the professors, listening in on issues facing women today, and getting a feel of the small campus environment.”

“The WISTEM program completely changed my life in terms of college applications and ideals. It really helped me get a sense of what I wanted from a college and who I am. I honestly loved every minute (even the hard ones) and am extremely grateful for the memories and lifelong friends.”

“Loved [the program]. I think I would definitely not be where I am today without it. […] The python course did help me a lot and I think it would be good to have [in] future years.”

“I really enjoyed the WISTEM program! I think the Khan Academy course was the most helpful aspect of the program […] Most of all, the program encouraged me to reach for opportunities I once thought out of my league through including me in a highly ambitious and intelligent group of young women.”


“The overnight stay at Harvey Mudd made me so enthusiastic to begin looking at my prospects for a college education. The students that I met were so inviting and the resources that Harvey Mudd provided me with were incomparable. I hope that you will continue this program for years to come because I believe that it was a great way to connect young women like me to the wonderful world of STEM.”

“I really enjoyed going to classes and meeting different professors because they all seemed to truly enjoy teaching their respective subjects. It was also nice to see what an average college class was like.”

“The aspect that I enjoyed the most was the “hands-on” quality of the program. I really loved how we weren’t just told what campus life was like or what classes were like; instead, we were given the opportunity to experience everything for ourselves. The lab tours and class visit were especially interesting because we got to see things in action. I also really enjoyed the personalized experiences of the computer science workshop and the math circle because we received such individualized attention. Though the courses seemed intimidating at first, the workshops made them seem much more approachable and interesting.”

“I am so glad that I did this program. [The students in my cohort] make up one of the most supportive and accomplished groups in my life right now.”

“This was a wonderful program and I am so grateful to have been a part of it. It played a big role in helping me continue to pursue a STEM education and career. I hope that this program continues to exist for many cohorts.”