Environmental Studies at Harvey Mudd

Emphasis in Environmental Analysis

The new Emphasis in Environmental Analysis is a coordinated program of study leading to a certificate issued by the Harvey Mudd College Center for Environmental Studies. This is not a major, but an supplement to the existing Harvey Mudd major courses of study.

Other Academic Options

There are a wide variety of courses taught in environmental sciences on the five college campuses.

Multiple academic options are available for Harvey Mudd students interested in environmental studies. They may:

  • Complete their Humanities and Social Science concentration in Environmental Studies.
  • Enroll in the Semester in Environmental Science at the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA.
  • Pursue an informal emphasis in Environmental Analysis within a Harvey Mudd technical major.
  • Design a major in Environmental Studies as an Individual Program of Study.
  • Double major in an Harvey Mudd technical discipline and Environmental Analysis 5-college-wide.
  • Complete an off-campus major in the 5-college Environmental Analysis program.
  • Complete the requirements of a typical major in Environmental Studies without entering a formal program.