College Leadership

Harvey Mudd College enjoys a strong tradition of shared governance. In addition to the president and her cabinet, the college’s governance includes the Board of Trustees, the Faculty Senate and administrative committees. Day-to-day student government is overseen by the Associated Students of Harvey Mudd College Council.

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the ultimate governing body of Harvey Mudd. In its fiduciary role, the board holds title to the College’s properties, and manages and allocates funds to fulfill the College’s educational mission and provide for its future. The board is responsible for determining the broad policies under which Harvey Mudd operates, approving operating plans proposed by the president, granting degrees and for the appointment of academic officers and tenured faculty.

The members of the board are drawn from the alumni body and from leaders from across the country. Almost half of the current trustees are alumni of the College, with three seats specifically reserved for young alumni, and one seat reserved for the immediate past president of the Alumni Association. The president holds a seat on the board.

The Board has an active program of trustee annual giving, with participation by 100 percent of the trustees. In addition to annual giving, the trustees, both individually and as a group, have been generous supporters of recent capital campaigns.

Harvey Mudd College President Maria Klawe

Maria Klawe became the fifth president of Harvey Mudd College in 2006 and is the chief executive officer of the College. Harvey Mudd’s first woman president, President Klawe was appointed by and reports directly to the Board of Trustees.

President’s Cabinet

The President’s Cabinet is Harvey Mudd’s senior leadership, representing all areas of the College. Working in collaboration with all constituencies of the College, the cabinet is responsible for key goals, activities and decisions that support both the College’s day-to-day operations and implementation of its strategic vision.

Faculty Governance

An elected Chair of the Faculty sits ex officio on the Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure Committee and on the Board of Trustees Educational Planning Committee. The chair also presides over faculty meetings and meetings of the Faculty Executive Committee. The Harvey Mudd faculty elects members of the Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure Committee and the Faculty Executive Committee. The Faculty Executive Committee staffs the other faculty standing committees, while the president may create and staff ad hoc committees.

Student Government

Students participate in the governing of student life through the Associated Students of Harvey Mudd College (ASHMC). Student body and class and dorm officers manage committees that plan and coordinate many extracurricular and social activities. Day-to-day government is put in the hands of the ASHMC Council, composed of eighteen voting members, as well as some non-voting members.