Announcement re: Therapist on HMC’s Campus

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Hello Everyone!

I am pleased to announce that beginning Monday December 4th we will have two therapists, Dr Patel and Dr Braxton, providing counseling on campus. They will remain available through the end of the spring semester. Drs. Patel and Braxton will have alternating schedules to provide as many therapy hours as possible each week, with an emphasis on hours in the late afternoon and some Saturday hours. Please note that Dr. Patel and Dr. Braxton are present to provide therapy to students and will absolutely ensure confidentiality, except in cases of harm to self and others. Both Drs. Patel and Braxton are hired in collaboration with ARC Counseling and Wellness, a local professional group dedicated to providing high quality psychological, psychiatric, and wellness services and referrals.

I will share more details about how to schedule hours with Drs. Patel and Braxton soon. I am currently working with them both to have a meet and greet session with students. As soon as I have that information available, I will let you know. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Thank you- Dean Rae

Rae Chresfield
Associate Dean of Health and Wellness
Platt Campus Center