Feedback on Proposal for Increased Emotional Health and Wellness Support for 2017–2018

This message was sent from Dean Jon Jacobsen to all students. 

Dear Students,

On April 19, the President’s Cabinet shared a proposal to increase support for health, wellness and inclusion needs on campus for 2017-2018 by funding an additional staff person shared by the Office of Health and Wellness (in addition to the current two full-time dean positions) and the Office of Institutional Diversity. On April 20 we hosted a dinner with students to review the proposal. Based on conversations at dinner there was a preference expressed for using the funds to support on-campus counseling. In reviewing this option, we are now considering two paths forward, and would like your feedback.

Option 1. Use the funds to support a staff position between OHW and OID to better support our health and wellness and diversity efforts. A few thoughts on the staff member’s role include:

  • Awareness and expertise in student emotional health needs;
  • Expertise in the intersectional needs of minoritized and marginalized students;
  • Provide guidance and support for students in one-on-one meetings;
  • Provide guidance and support to student clubs, including affinity groups, on health and wellness, including individual and group sessions with students to support emotional health and wellness needs;
  • Evening and weekend office hours and availability;
  • Develop a reliable cadre of counseling referrals to MCAPS and providers in the LA/Inland Empire Communities;
  • Maintain flow of communication with Assistant and Associate Deans of Health and Wellness to maximize positive impact on the community. In particular, ADs in OHW should educate and train faculty and staff on topics of particular importance to sustaining wellness in our community.

Option 2. Use the funds to support on-campus counseling. The funds allocated can support a postdoctoral therapist providing on site, confidential counseling (approx. 20 hours/wk one-on-one counseling and 10–12 hours additional outreach and support). The therapist would be supervised by MCAPS, but would do all their hours on our campus. Evening and weekend hours would be preferred, and students would be involved in the staff selection process.

If you have a preference for one of these options, or have additional feedback to provide, please visit this form to share your feedback:

(Link removed to limit responses to students only)

Thanks for your input!

Dean Jakes,

on behalf of the President’s Cabinet

P.S. A summary review of the April 20 dinner conversation is available in the documents section of the HMC Inclusive Excellence site.