Core Revision Process

In June of 2017, the Harvey Mudd College faculty began the process of reviewing the College’s Core Curriculum, courses which are required of all students during their first two years.

This review was planned to take place as part of a regular assessment of Core changes that were implemented in 2009. During 2017, faculty engaged the entire community—including the College’s alumni—in an evaluation of the Core as part of an effort to develop a new set of goals for the revised Core. This goal statement was approved by the faculty in December 2017 and shared with the community.

This faculty-driven process of reviewing the Core Curriculum involves the following phases:

Phase 1: 2017–2018 Academic Year

Core Review Planning Team works with community to evaluate the Core and look for common themes around goals for the revised Core.

Phase 2: 2018–2019 Academic Year

Core Review Committee develops process for submission and review of ideas for possible changes to the Core based on goals statement approved by faculty.

Phase 3: 2018–2020 Academic Year

Faculty develop proposals for revised Core Curricula, in consultation with the community.

Phase 4

Piloting and rollout of ideas from the revision process.

Please note: Timelines and processes mentioned above are subject to change, and this content will be updated as new details become available. For questions about this process, contact Dean of the Faculty Lisa Sullivan ( or Core Curriculum Director Ben Wiedermann (