Charge for the Core Implementation Committee

A new Core curriculum, Four Courses with Optional Electivity, was passed by the faculty on May 8, 2020. To help guide the development and delivery of this new curriculum, the FEC has formed an ad hoc faculty implementation committee for the 2020-2021 academic year. The committee is charged with working closely with academic departments, appropriate standing and ad hoc committees, and the Dean of Faculty to:

  • work with the DCC to understand the downstream impact of the new Core on each department
  • work with the CCD, ADAA, and Registrar to map student pathways through the Core with an eye toward revising advising guidelines
  • recommend the appropriate unit count for Core courses
  • work with OIRE to recommend a model for ongoing assessment of the time students and faculty spend in the Core
  • recommend sustainable models (staffing, money, and calendar) for the Core
  • recommend an appropriate timeline for implementing the new curriculum
  • evaluate whether the requisite funding and staffing are in place to deliver the curricular excellence to which the college aspires
  • consult with the faculty and make recommendations about the nature of the new “impact” course, including considering questions such as,
    • will the course be a capstone course, a course chosen from a menu of options, or something else?
    • what faculty expertise will be required to deliver the course?
    • will additional faculty be required to deliver the course content?
    • how will this course be supported monetarily, administratively, and through staffing such that it does not wither after an initial burst of enthusiasm?
    • what person or entity will be responsible for overseeing the success of this course?
    • should a sunrise and/or sunset condition be put in place for the course?

The committee is asked to send progress reports to the FEC at the end of the fall and spring semesters.