Prediction of pH Probe Failure

Georg Fischer Signet Engineering, 2022–23

Liaison(s): Chuck Gerner, Betty Lessmueller, Colter Downing ’19, Calin Ciobanu, Leila Wiberg ’22, Jose Salcedo, Iuliana Sendroiu
Advisor(s): Daniel Contreras
Students(s): Aaron Murdock (TL-F), Yoselin Prado (TL-S), Kaya Lane, Penny Hernandez, Henry Lee, Brittany Pan, Itzel Hernandez

Georg Fischer Signet manufactures pH testing devices, and has asked the Clinic team to study and model the decay of glass pH electrodes to predict device failure to provide more value to the customers who use these devices. These electrodes are tested in extreme pH and temperatures to capture a range of device failures. The final deliverable is an algorithm that predicts the failure of GF Signet’s devices and gives customers a timeline indicating when to replace their products.