Modeling Green Hydrogen Production and Trade

Center for Strategic and International Studies Engineering/Mathematics, 2022–23

Liaison(s): Dr. Joseph Majkut ’06, Dr. Douglas Arent ’82
Advisor(s): Jon Jacobsen
Students(s): Raj Sawhney (PM), Ross Hibbett, Khaya Kingston, Makenna Parkinson, John Hearn

If green hydrogen, hydrogen produced via electrolysis of water using renewable energy, were to be widely available and cheap to produce, it could be key to decarbonizing industrial production and other end uses. Countries around the world are making investments to become green hydrogen producers and exporters. We aim to develop a production model that incorporates relevant energy, electrolysis and hydrogen resource and technology costs to allow us to estimate the levelized cost of hydrogen and the feasibility of hydrogen trade between geographically separated nations.