Eliminating Downtime on Corn Dough Sheeters

Casa Herrera Engineering, 2022–23

Liaison(s): Michael Herrera
Advisor(s): Okitsugu Furuya
Students(s): Dan Tan (TL-S), Cristian Gonzalez (TL-F), Katheryn Wang, Brayden Hedrick, Aidan Nettekoven, Andres Sanchez, Saachi Patel, Simon Woodside

Casa Herrera is an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of custom flatbread production machinery, with a global client base within the food industry. The Casa Herrera Clinic Team has been engaged to design, build and test a novel solution to eliminaeliminate the primary source of downtime on one of the company’s major products—the corn dough sheeter. The project’s final deliverable is a proof-of-concept, physical prototype that demonstrates desired functionality without the need for commercial viability.