Advancing the Design of Aprovecho’s Clean Cooking Accessory, the Jet-Flame

Aprovecho Research Center Engineering/Global, 2022–23

Liaison(s): David Evitt, Chenkai Wang
Advisor(s): Leah Mendelson
Students(s): Melissa Bruno (TL), Bryn Schoen, Ashley Cheung, Liza Gull, Heather Fuentes, Eli Schwarz, Gabriel Zwillinger, Felix Murphy

Aprovecho Research Center is a nonprofit organization working toward clean biomass cooking and heating solutions around the world. Their Jet-Flame stove accessory for wood-burning cook stoves improves fuel efficiency and reduces harmful emissions by injecting jets of air from under the fire to enhance combustion. The HMC Aprovecho Clinic team has been tasked with improving the durability, modularity, ease of maintenance and cost efficiency of the current Jet-Flame design through a series of prototypes, testing and performance analysis.