Portable Diagnostic Device

Aquillius Corporation Engineering, 2021–22

Liaison(s): MyPhuong Le, Tri Le ’97, Leah Villegas, Juan Martinez, JiHye Chun, Zachary Johnston, and Elvis Garcia-Gonzalez
Advisor(s): Steven Santana ’06
Students(s): Carolyn Du (TL-F), Vivian Lam (TL-S), Mandy Wu, Madeleine Masser-Frye, Izzy Jackson (F), and Yoselin Prado (S)

Aquillius Corporation is a bioengineering company that aims to develop innovative products that can improve human health. The team is working to incorporate Aquillius’ photodetector microarray chip and luciferase assay into a diagnostic device which can test human saliva for COVID-19. The goal of the project is to create an easy-to-use, portable, disposable cartridge and reusable reader system that can later be adapted for other pathogens and specimen types.