Increasing Arctic Ice Reflectivity through Hollow Glass Microsphere Deployment

Arctic Ice Project Engineering/Global, 2021–22

Liaison(s): Dr. Leslie Field P19
Advisor(s): Angie Lee
Students(s): Olivia Hockley-Rodes (TL-F), Gracie Farnham (TL-S), Diana Contreras, Elena Anderson (S), Elena Anderson (S), Gracey Hiebert (F), Zooey Meznarich (F)

Arctic Ice Project is a nonprofit organization seeking to preserve and restore Arctic ice through safe and effective albedo modification techniques. The project goal is to determine how hollow glass microspheres (HGMs) respond when exposed to harsh Arctic conditions. The team will test the material properties of various HGMs, including solubility, crush strength, and resistance to abrasion or freeze-thaw cycling. Results from these studies will help determine whether localized HGM deployment can be considered a low-risk means of climate intervention.