High Speed CROMEs for Proximity Sensing and LiDAR

Avicena Engineering, 2021–22

Liaison(s): Bardia Pezeshki ’87, Alex Tselikov, Rob Kalman
Advisor(s): Qimin Yang
Students(s): Anneka Noë (TL-F), Anuragini Arora (TL-S), Caitlin Huang, Max Castro, Sidney Chenevert (S)

The team experimented with CROMEs, Avicena’s novel blue microLEDs, to determine the feasibility of short-range LiDAR applications. The test setup of the CROMEs was optimized to increase the signal-to-noise ratio. These experiments were compared with existing LiDAR systems and time-of-flight experiments with VCSELs, infrared lasers commonly used in LiDAR. In addition, a theoretical model was developed to understand and predict the effects of changing the transmitted pulse on the resolution of the received pulse.