Autonomous Mower Path Planning

Doosan Bobcat Engineering, 2021–22

Liaison(s): Dylan Stokosa, Mike Schmidt, John Pfaff, Jonathan Roehrl
Advisor(s): Victor Shia
Students(s): Dalton Ramirez (TL-S), Garrick Jensen (TL-F), Henry Morton, Joseph Zales (F), Sidney Taylor (F), Liam Chalk (F), Cristian Gonzalez (S), Declan O’Neill (S)

The team equipped an autonomous Bobcat riding mower with mapping and obstacle avoidance. This project implemented full coverage path planning and area mapping while utilizing some of the previous Bobcat Clinic Team’s mapping algorithms. The team developed algorithms to partition a defined area and optimize the mower’s route to mow the area in a clean back and forth striped pattern while using sensors to detect and avoid new and known obstacles within the space.